What Kind of Phones Does QLink Wireless Have in 2020

In the fast-moving era, the growth of telecommunications and the need for internet access is growing very rapidly. Everyone seems to be unable to escape the need for internet-based communication. And a reliable gadget and internet connection has become one of the main household necessities. So the answer to “What kind of phones does QLink Wireless have?” has risen to the surface of our attention.

The increasing need for Internet

With today’s technology, the distance becomes less pronounced and time is no longer waster. A kid in Los Angeles can come face to face with his parents in Singapore just by staring at the screen of his smartphone. No need for a 16-hour flight, all they need to do is sit down with a gadget and strong internet access.

Everyone can learn anything they want just by watching videos on Youtube. Everything is so instant and fast, making the need for the internet rises every single time. The pleasure of using the internet has reached those who have enough money and can afford internet packages. What about lower-middle-class people who also need internet access? Do they always have to go to public areas for free Wi-Fi for the rest of their lives?

Lifeline program: what you should know

Justice for all levels of society is certainly the responsibility of the government. This includes making access to telecommunication services easy, such as private internet access for all groups, including people on low incomes. Since 1985 in America, the government applies a program called the Lifeline Program through the Federal Communications Commission.

Lifeline has provided discounts on telecommunications services for low-income consumers. With this program, all Americans have the opportunity and security brought by telephone services. These include the ability to connect to work, relatives, and emergency services. Lifeline itself is part of the Universal Service Fund, which is available to low-income consumers. Those who have fulfilled the requirements in every state, territory, commonwealth, and tribal area can benefit from Lifeline. This inexpensive internet package is an income-based program and package for low-income families. This helps reduce the cost. Many internet service providers are participating in this government program, one of which is QLink Wireless.

What is QLink Wireless?

QLink Wireless is a telecommunications company based in America. Now, QLink Wireless provides free wireless services to American consumers who meet Lifeline requirements. QLink serves the Lifeline Program in several states. These include Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. QLink was founded in 2011 and based in Dania, Florida. In October 2019, the company was declared as the fastest growing technology company in the United States.

what kind of phones does qlink wireless have

What does QLink Wireless have to offer?

The QLink Wireless also offers prepaid cellular telephone services, including voice calls, text, and wireless services under the Hello Mobile brand. QLink Wireless is the top provider in the Lifeline program. QLink provides free wireless smartphones to the public following government regulations. When new users register and are approved, they will get a smartphone depending on the available inventory. They will get basic smartphones that are not sold as the current best-sellers, but enough to support their daily needs. If consumers expect to get the latest iPhone or Android with extraordinary specifications, chances are that won’t happen. But after some time they can replace the smartphone given with the latest smartphone.

What kind of phones does QLink Wireless have?

There are several smartphone brands to choose from to upgrade with QLink Wireless. They include:

  • Alcatel OneTouch
  • Kyocera HydroEdge Smartphone
  • The Legacy (N817)
  • LG X Charge
  • Blackberry Curve 8330
  • LG Nexus 5 D820 4.95
  • HTC Desire 656

These phones are not the main characters in our latest smartphone play. But these are more than enough to perform smartphone’s functions well.

With any of these smartphones, QLink Wireless offers its best features. In general, there are several features in the QLink Wireless package. These features are Local connection, Remote connection, Voice Mail, Domestic text messages, Caller ID, Call waiting, Roaming Calls, free 911 calls, 411 directory assistance, 1000 minutes of telephone calls, and 1 GB Data plan. However, if none of these smartphones interest you, you can also upgrade your own smartphone. Free activation for those who bring their own smartphone!

“Bring Your Own Phone” by QLink Wireless

If you want to register for a QLink Wireless upgrade but already have your own smartphone, they have a special program for you. You can bring your own smartphone and follow the BYOP (Bring Your Own Phone) procedure. BYOP is a convenient program provided by QLink for consumers who want to get QLink benefits. Before we discuss further on the BYOP procedure, some terms and conditions must be met by consumers.

The smartphone should be intact. And you should have proof that it’s not stolen or illegally obtained. If these terms cannot be fulfilled, you cannot install a new QLink number on that particular smartphone. Another thing that must be considered by smartphone owners is to make sure the smartphone does not work with certain providers (flagship). Because flagship smartphones cannot be replaced with other providers.

How to join “Bring Your Own Phone” program

To join the Bring Your Own Phone program, consumers only need to go to the QLink website. First, check if your smartphone is compatible with QLink or not. You can see this by going through your phone’s IMEI, MEID and ESN. IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity), MEID (Mobile Equipment Identifier), or ESN (Electronic Serial Number) are certain numbers that identify a smartphone. Cellular telephone networks use this identifier to provide services to the telephone.

After you get a confirmation that your smartphone is suitable for QLink, then you can see if you need a new SIM card or not. If a new SIM card is needed, QLink will send it for free. But if no new SIM card is needed, you can activate it right away.

To get a new QLink number, you should make sure that you have strong signal coverage. Don’t ask the current provider to deactivate the number during the transfer process, because if the phone number is deactivated, the transfer process will fail. To complete this process, you need the following information: telephone number, billing account number, and SIM card pin. If consumers find it difficult or need help with the process of transferring numbers, they can call 1-855-754-6543.

Anyway, let’s get back to our main topic: what kind of phones does QLink Wiress have?

The requirements to get phones from QLink Wireless

To get mentioned smartphones from QLink Wireless for free, you need to be eligible for the Lifeline program. Several things are required to be accepted. You should be eligible for at least one of the followings:
Federal Public Housing Assistance or Section 8
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
Veterans Pension or Survivors Pension

If you are a residence of a reservation, you can also be eligible for this program if you are a part of at least one of the followings:
Bureau of Indian Affairs
Temporary aid managed by the tribe for families in need
Tribal leaders (especially those who meet the income requirements)
Food distribution program regulated by the tribes

Plan and Packages from QLink Wireless

Next up is the package. The answer to “What kind of phones does QLink Wireless have?” should be followed by “What are the benefits of upgrading to QLink Wireless?”

One of the packages offered by QLink is “Always On Plan”. This package is a monthly package with the benefit of a 3 GB data package plus unlimited calls and SMS. This package is available to Lifeline costumers. Also, this package comes with an additional package for data and calls at very affordable prices. With just 3 USD, each customer will get an internet data speed upgrade. With a 5 USD bundle package, each will get a 1 GB data. If you are interested in an additional 2 GB quota, you can simply pay 10 USD.

This package features an automatic renewal mechanism. As long as consumers do not deactivate this additional package, it will stay active for 30 days and on. The same bundling package is also sold at 20 USD for 4 GB data package. But if you want to automatically renew it, you will get a discounted price of 17.50 USD.

For an additional 5 GB internet package, you must pay an extra 25 USD. But you will be charged a lower fee of 20 USD if you activate the automatic renewal offer. The last bundling package with unlimited internet is 30 USD. And you only need to pay 25 USD with automatic renewal. All packages include unlimited calls and SMS, plus free international calls.

What kind of phones does QLink Wireless have and the network coverage?

Talking about communication and the need for internet, network coverage is also a concern for internet users. The coverage area for QLink in America has been benefited by 280 million people. This number continues to grow. However, it must be acknowledged that in its development, there are still several areas that have not been covered by the QLink network. It remains a priority for QLink to continue expanding its scope so that it can be accessed throughout all regions.

This network coverage is also affected by area, weather, signal strength, user traffic volume, technical restrictions, and service outages. With many things that can affect network coverage, QLink Wireless consumers who wish to register Lifeline and other packages can now view the QLink network coverage on their website. With this, consumers can register and get an immediate notification regarding network coverage in their area.

Lifeline Refer-A-Friend from QLink Wireless

Another offer from QLink Wireless that should interest you is the Lifeline Refer-A-Friend Program. This program aims to invite all QLink users to recommend the QLink Wireless to all friends, relatives, and people around them. One way to market a product very quickly is through word of mouth. When more people use a product, people will continue to talk about the product they use. And the better the product, the more people will be influenced to follow. Similar to the internet package from QLink Wireless, with this win-win solution, QLink users will benefit from inviting people to join using QLink Wireless products.

There are 3 easy steps to follow the Refer-A-Friend program. First, recommend family and friends to register and get a free smartphone from QLink. The second step is contacting QLink Wireless Customer Service via email or through Telephone Services at 1-855-754-6543. Give them the names of friends and relatives who wish to be contacted by the QLink team. The final step is when a recommended friend is accepted to join the free smartphone service. This way, you will get a 100-minute call bonus and a 100MB data plan.

What should I do if I lost my first QLink Wireless Smartphone?

If you have been wondering why the question “What kind of phones does QLink Wireless have?” surfaced the news in the first place, it’s because these are offered for free. The free smartphone from Lifeline QLink Wireless is a breakthrough from internet service providers that provide not only discounts on their data, call and text packages, but also their devices. Not many providers do the same thing as QLink Wireless does. But what happens if this smartphone is lost or stolen? That is another frequently asked question besides “What kind of phones does QLink Wireless have?”

It turns out that QLink already has a solution to that problem. But this can only be done if the telephone number was activated within 30 days before the incident so that the service is not stopped. There are two solutions given to users with this particular problem. First is to replace it with another smartphone, this one is manufactured by QLink. For 25 USD, you can get a new mobile device with unlimited telephone bundling packages for 1 month and an extra 1 GB. You will also get lots of upgrades, including a front camera and 8 GB of internal memory. The second option is to bring your own smartphone. You will not be charged an activation fee and the SIM Card is available free of charge if needed. You can still have your previous QLink number and enjoy Lifeline services on your preowned smartphone.

Why do I have to pay to get a replacement for my free smartphone?

If you look back at the first option where there is a 25 USD fee for changing equipment, the question arises. Why does a government program cost as such? QLink Wireless is committed to continuing to provide high-quality service and ease of communication for the whole community. Unfortunately, the federal government does not subsidize the smartphone QLink provides for the replacement. But this does not stop QLink Wireless from providing all smartphones to QLink members at huge discount prices throughout the year. The smartphone model that is sent for the replacement order is QLink Wireless Standard Smartphone. It will be packed with many enhanced features and has a value of 75 USD. Lifeline should make people’s lives less stressful. And that’s why QLink Wireless is happy to offer replacement smartphones to members at a discounted price of 25 USD.

QLink Wireless and the Community

The QLink Wireless’s commitment to keeping everyone connected has recently been proven in Puerto Rico. QLink Wireless connects individuals with loved ones, jobs, and emergency services. Until April 30th of 2020, QLink Wireless gave an extra quota of 5 GB to new customers. The founder and CEO of QLink Wireless, Issa Asad, explained that the community must be aware of the benefits of this government program.

More than 43% of families in Puerto Rico received assistance and participated in government programs. Right after this program, hundreds of people started to search for “What kind of phones does QLink Wireless have?” online. And now their question has been answered. The presence of QLink in Puerto Rico is a reflection that having a telephone and connection is the right way to ensure security and stay connected in difficult times, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

QLink Wireless and COVID-19

Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic that is happening right now, people inevitably have to accept ‘the new normal’ where their movements are limited. This has increased internet usage activities, whether for work, entertainment, or other needs. One activity that requires internet services that have increased the most is video calling. Video calls became one of the most widely used during the COVID-19 pandemic, whether it is through Zoom, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Team, Whatsapp, and others.

The same thing goes to phone calls. Many relatives check up on each other’s condition in this vulnerable situation through phone calls. QLink tries to help those who want to stay connected with its unlimited phone call packages.

QLink Wireless and Mothers

In addition to focusing on facilitating communication during the pandemic, QLink also paid attention to special moments like Mother’s Day. Through the #ConnectToYourMom movement, QLink Wireless provides an iPhone 11 giveaway for two lucky users. Moments like this are used by many QLink users to get back in touch with their parents, especially their moms. With the unlimited phone plan offered by QLink Wireless, everything is possible. Making long-term calls is no longer a daunting task as it will no longer cost you a lot of money. No more surprise charges because everything is supported by QLink packages. Now, it is easier for everyone to connect.

The conclusion to “What kind of phones does QLink Wireless have?”

QLink Wireless offers free and discounted wireless services because they are a federal approved Lifeline assistance program provider. The Lifeline Assistance Program was created in 1984 by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) under Ronald Reagan and renewed in 1996. This program enables low-income individuals who cannot afford to buy cellphones. Through this program, they can have one at an affordable price. This helps ensure they have basic communication services they need to live productively.

With affordable packages for low-income families, they will not be burdened with expensive telecommunications costs. Plus, the QLink Lifeline program also provides mobile phones for free. It is indeed an extraordinary thing that no other competitors have done. The answer to “What kind of phones does QLink Wireless have?” is no longer a mystery. QLink is the right choice for those who care about the importance of staying connected and connected to loved ones and staying alert to emergency services.

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