Verizon Internet for Low Income Families

2020 is a tough year for everyone around the world. COVID-19 has limited many of us even in daily activities. The biggest concern is how it has disrupted our jobs. Lockdowns and restrictions imposed by the government force everyone to work at home. In this case, having internet access at home is no longer a luxury. Now, it has become a basic necessity for all levels of society. Lower class to the rich, all need internet access to communicate, work, or keep them busy. That’s where Verizon Internet for low income families comes into play.

The reason behind Verizon Internet for Low-Income Families

Research shows that in a lockdown country, internet usage has increased by 50-70%. Some internet activities are usually carried out by middle and upper-class earners. These include paid streaming, business conference call, and online shopping. Now, they are reaching families with low incomes. They are “forced” to have an Internet connection at home even just to get basic necessities.

In the last few years, apart from the impact of COVID-19, the use of the internet has increased. This was affected by the emergence of smartphones. Since then, all cyberspace activities are in our hands. Anything can be accessed by anyone, anywhere, and anytime. From games, music, videos, news, even food recipes can be found through the internet. Looking at the increasing needs send all providers to compete against each other. Now, they are racing to provide fast and stable internet access. However, the network’s speed and strength depend on the price. This makes it less convenient for low income people. In a situation like this, Verizon Internet presents fast and reliable internet, but still affordable to low income families.

Verizon Internet and COVID-19

Since the pandemic has spread around the world, many people are having a hard time. This hits low income families the most. This is due to the inability to work and having to stay at home. Verizon has taken this into consideration. Through a special program, Verizon hopes to help its users to stay in touch with the world even by staying home. Gamers would love to hear that Verizon also gives free video games as a bonus. Other forms of entertainment are also included. This is in line with what Verizon CEO, Ronan Dunne said.

verizon internet for low income families

“We’re pleased to add ‘Play’ entertainment options for our customers and provide even more ways to entertain at no added cost”, he said. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Verizon also announced a 1-million USD contribution to the New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund for those affected by COVID-19. Donations from the entire community will be submitted in full. This will help to counter the medical, social, and economic impacts of COVID-19.

Why Choose Verizon Internet

Verizon as a communications service provider established itself to remain strong and secure in the shadows of COVID-19. This was made possible by how simple its business model in the telecommunication industry. While competitors diversify their products, Verizon sticks to wireless and broadband services. These are believed to be the safest and most beneficial for the whole community.

Verizon is the second-largest wireless telecommunication service provider in the US. Founded in 2000, the company is based in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. In January 2020, Verizon claimed that 99% of the US population could access their 4G network. And on that same year, Verizon launched its 5G network. This launch became the first in the United States.

Verizon Telecommunication Services

Verizon Wireless offers mobile telephone, landline, and internet services with a variety of devices:

Wireless Telephone Services

  • Verizon wireless offers Smartphones with Apple iOS and Google Android, also Windows Phone from Windows and Blackberry OS. Each is equipped with 4G LTE networks.

Wireless Home Telephone

  • It was first introduced in 2015 under the name Verizon Wireless Home Phone Connect. This wireless home phone uses Verizon cellular networks instead of those conventional interconnected landlines.

Mobile Wi-Fi and Broadband

  • Verizon Wireless offers Wi-Fi hotspot devices under the JetPack brand. The company offers home internet access via 4G LTE broadband roasters that can connect 10 devices via Wi-Fi and home telephone services. However, this service has been discontinued.

What does Verizon have to offer?

With the COVID-19 pandemic, it would be difficult for all of us without the internet. Low income families also benefit from the internet, especially for communicating or sharing work information. They will think twice about spending internet quota just to watch drama series on Netflix. Let alone scrolling at photos on Instagram. The choice of internet packages that suit them is limited to cheap ones and limited quota. However, when boredom is increasing and nothing else can take your mind off things, surfing the internet is the most popular “sweet escape”.

Verizon offers many packages according to the needs of its users. Verizon for students, for instance, is a package that is specifically designed for them. They can get discounts on data and call packages, as well as phone accessories. There’s also a Verizon for Senior Citizen package. It’s a special bundling package for elderly citizens. Verizon and T-Mobile come up with a 55+ Plans package. Those over the age of 55 can get up to 50 USD per month with the Verizon Go Unlimited package. This includes unlimited calls, SMS, and 4G LTE data. But the extent of Verizon Internet for low income families is more. Keep reading to find out about the Verizon Lifeline Assistance!

Who are the targets of Verizon Internet for low income families?

Before we further discuss the Verizon Internet for low income families, there’s something you need to know first. Who are low income families? And what are the things that make them categorized as low income families? According to the National Center for Children in Poverty US, poor families are those of 4 people and earning less than 23,624 USD a year. However, these numbers are different from one state to another. The US itself has very specific standards in categorizing low income families. Their income must be equal to or below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines in most states. In some other states, it should be 150% under.

The packages offered by Verizon Internet for low income families

For those who fall into the category of Low Income, Verizon presents Verizon Lifeline Assistance. This special program offers discounts of up to 9.25 USD per month. This program covers landline and broadband internet services. Even so, the package features Fios Internet Service which can reach up to 18 Mbps per second or even more.

The Fios Internet applies the Lifeline discount. It offers 3 types of packages that can be tailored to the needs and financial conditions of low income families. Here are the packages of Verizon Internet for low income families:

200 Mbps

With this 200 Mbps package, consumers can access video streaming, download movies, share files, and access various entertainment platforms. Consumers will also get access to Disney+ on Verizon for the first 12 months (6.99 USD/month thereafter). It also comes with a 50 USD Visa prepaid card. With this package, you save 10 USD/month if you want to add a wireless device package from Verizon. In total, the price is 39.99 USD/month with Autopay+ tax.

400 Mbps

This package is more suitable for those who often share large files and use the internet through multiple accounts. The same extra bonuses offered as the previous package. These include access to Disney+ on Verizon for the first 12 months as well as a 50 USD Visa prepaid card. The price of this package is 59.99 USD/month with Autopay+ tax.

Gigabit Connection

For consumers who want unlimited entertainment and seamless internet surfing experience, this package is the one. Gigabit Connection offers a speed up to 980/880 Mbps. This makes all experience more enjoyable. It costs 79.99 USD/month + tax. But it includes a router and a 100 USD Visa Prepaid Card or Stadia Premiere Edition. You can also save 20 USD/month on the wireless device package from Verizon.

How to sign up for the Verizon Internet for low income families

Through the Lifeline service program, low income families can get a Lifeline discount from Verizon. Other providers also provide internet packages for low income families. Yet, Verizon offers the widest internet coverage in its class. This is in line with the request of the United States Federal Communications Commission to all telephone and internet providers to join the “Keep Americans Connected Pledge” during the COVID-19 outbreak. Hence the Verizon Internet for low income families.

One household is eligible for one type of discount only. And it cannot be transferred to another household. Those who want to benefit from this program must register first and fill out the form provided. The form contains detailed addresses and agreements to participate in this program. The most important thing that must be considered is that their territory should be within the reach of the Verizon network.

Things to consider before getting your Verizon Internet

There are 3 things you should consider before choosing your internet or cellular services. The most important things are networks, reliable coverage, and the track records of the service provider. Pick the one equipped with a network that is ready for the future. The excellence of track records of the internet and cellular service provider companies is also a must. Let’s take a closer look at these factors!

Verizon network is ready for the future

As technology keeps improving, the needs of the network will keep rising. A network that is ready for the future promises excellence no matter how far things would have changed. The network quality is important. And as the world is moving fast, it is important to choose one internet service provider that is always one step ahead. We know how fast things change. We have been there since the days of 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G. And today, we have 5G. Did you know that Verizon is the first provider to provide 5G in the United States?

Reliable coverage is not less important. What is the meaning of the most sophisticated smartphone without any good internet access? Verizon guarantees the coverage of 4G LTE. The coverage area is almost more than 2.6 million square miles. Now, Verizon currently has 5G networks available in more than 35 cities in America.

The superiority of Verizon’s own track record has been proven throughout the years. Verizon has received more awards for network quality than other internet service providers. In total, it got 22 awards for 11 consecutive years. That is indisputable proof. In the latest RootMetrics network report, the Verizon Network won 6 categories. These include overall network performance, reliability, speed, data packages, calls, and text. Other market research studies also provide the same results. Verizon occupies the number 1 position.


Some of the points outlined above are the proofs of Verizon’s superiority. Verizon is increasingly recognized as an internet provider suitable for all levels of society, including low-income families. Good quality, stable network, and fast internet access should not be only for high priced packages. Fios 200 Mbps, 400 Mbps, and Gigabit Connection are examples of affordable packages. Now, low income families can have all the digital conveniences they need.

Verizon remains consistent in providing the best internet access services to all people around the world, especially those in the US. This is achieved by following the rules of the government and providing convenience through the Verizon Lifeline Assistance. Not only that, but Verizon also provides entertainment options for those who have to stay at home and unable to go anywhere. This is recognized as a step to support the #stayathome movement. And thanks to the internet, people are happier to be indoors. With Verizon Internet for low income families, this type of convenience is now more affordable.

Verizon is the right choice for internet services in difficult times like this. And it’s also for the future, once everyone returns to their normal activities and can travel as usual. The 5G network has been launched in America. With that, Verizon became the first provider to launch 5G throughout the world. Verizon, 5G Built right!

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