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Imagine this. You recently got a new Verizon phone, for your birthday, for Christmas, or simply buying yourself a better phone. The problem is that you now need to keep your old phone number, as it has all your contacts. And all your friends know that specific phone number. Or perhaps, it holds sentimental value to you. Either way, you want to transfer phone number to another phone Verizon provides. We will go over this exact process, making the task easier and doable for you. Even though we specifically focus on Verizon, the facts we mention in this article apply to all mobile providers.

Eligibility to Transfer Phone Number

At the start of the process, you need to check whether your phone is eligible for transferring the phone number. Verizon phone users can check it at the official Verizon website.

The website, however, does not go over the actual requirements that would make your mobile number eligible for transfer, rather than guiding you through the process directly once you are sure about switching to Verizon. For those who are still considering which providers to choose, worry not as we will cover the requirements here.

Unlock your phone

The first requirement that would allow for the transfer phone number to another phone Verizon is that your phone needs to be unlocked. This means that from your previous provider, you would need to have cleared up all of the bills and outstanding payments for them to unlock it for you. To make sure that your phone is unlocked, contact your previous provider and ask them to unlock the phone. This is because a phone is locked as a default when you first buy the phone.

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Buy a Verizon SIM or e-SIM

The second requirement from Verizon is that you need to have bought a Verizon SIM or Verizon e-SIM to get it to work on the Verizon network. This is very simple, as all that you need to do is to go to your closest Verizon store to buy one. You can even get the staff to set it up for you.

Provide personal information

The last requirement is that you must provide some personal information to Verizon. The information that you will need to provide includes your current phone number, your old account number, and your PIN to the old account. You’re also asked to give another phone number where they can call you during the process.

transfer phone number to another phone Verizon

You must remember that your current phone number must stay active during the process. Don’t deactivate the phone number from the other provider. You won’t be paying two bills though, as when the process is complete, the old number and account will become inactive.

How to transfer phone number to another phone Verizon provides

Once you have completed the eligibility requirements, you can proceed to transfer your phone number. Ensure that you haven’t missed anything mentioned before, as if you did, you will not be able to proceed with the next steps. Now that we’re ready, let’s figure out how to do this right.

Transferring to a New Phone

If you have a new phone, the steps that you will need to follow are very simple. It does, however, require the usage of some software if you would like to save your contacts and old messages.

Install the Verizon Transfer App

First, you will need to install the Verizon Transfer Content Info Application on your old phone. You can find the link to the App here. After installing the app, you need to follow the on-screen instructions that will prompt you to save your data. This will allow your data to be stored in the Cloud so that you can install it later on your new phone.

Power down Both Phones and Take the SIM card out

Now that your data is saved, you need to power down both phones. We do this to ensure that no data gets lost, as well as proper disconnection can be made between the old phone and the Verizon network.

Take out the Verizon SIM card from the older phone now. Again, please make sure the phone is off completely when you do this to avoid damage. Now that you have the SIM card in your hand, put the SIM card into the new phone. Once done, proceed to turn the power on both phones back on.

Restoring Your Old Data

You have now figured how to transfer phone number to another phone Verizon provides. You are not done yet though. We need to still get all of your saved contacts as well as your messages back from the Cloud onto the new phone.

Use the same link to install the Verizon Transfer Contact Info Application on your new phone. Now, follow the on-screen directions. Make sure that you click “This is my old phone” when the “So, which phone is this?” prompt comes up.

Assuming both of your phones are Android phones, just click the “Android to Android” option, and scan the QR code using your old phone. For other options, read the details below. Select all of the data you would like to transfer from your old phone onto the new phone, and start the process. All you need to do now is waiting for the process to finish.

Transferring from iPhone to iPhone

If both your old phone and new phone are iPhones, the instructions are similar, only with a few key differences. The first difference is that before anything happens, you will need to switch off your iMessage feature on your iPhone. This is especially true if you are transferring from an iPhone to an Android phone.

The next difference is the data transferring process. You won’t be using the official Verizon Content Transfer Application. Instead, you need the built-in Apple Quick Start feature. Keep in mind that both devices should run on iOS 11 or more for this to work.
Put both devices next to each other when you first start up your new iPhone and follow the on-screen instructions. This will allow you to keep all of your data, including your old photos, and passwords. After that, the steps are the same as the Android phone steps.

Transferring between iPhone and Android

If you had an iPhone, and your new phone is an Android, the steps are very similar. The difference is that you only need to download the Verizon Transfer Content Info Application to your iPhone. Another difference is that you need to select the “iPhone to Android” option during the prompted sequence on your new phone.

If you had an Android, and your new phone is an iPhone, the steps are very similar. You need to, however, download the “Move to iOS” application in the Google Play Store instead of the official Verizon application.

Important: Make Sure Your Old Phone is Accessible

As you can tell by now, to make sure the transferring process works well, you need to have both your old and new phones. In a way, your old phone must be accessible to you. In case you don’t want to do all of these steps yourselves, just go to any Verizon store and bring both of your phones. You can then ask any employee for help, and they will assist you with the process immediately.

What happens if your old phone is inaccessible?

If you find yourself in a situation where you are unable to follow the steps above, due to scenarios such as your old phone being broken, or lost, don’t worry. There is still a solution to help you transfer your phone number.

What you need to do, is to get a hold of the official Verizon care center. From the care center, the customer service team will be available to help you transfer your phone number over. You may need to provide some information to them. In some states, you need to bring an official police report in case your old phone is stolen. This is to make sure that you are the actual owner of the phone number.

You can contact the Verizon call center at this number: 1(800)922-0204. If you noticed, this number is a toll-free number. The process will take a bit of time. So, you need to wait a few days for it to finish.


Now, you have a clearer picture of how to transfer phone number to another phone Verizon style. If you think that some of these instructions are hard, feel free to ask for help. Another thing you can do is use the MyVerizon application, or use the website to peruse for more information.

A few things to remember during this process however is that this is not an instant process. If you have had a different mobile service provider, the entire process may take a few weeks to finish. After reading this article, you can now proceed to transfer your phone number into another phone. You should not have any issues if you follow the instructions well.

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