Lease Cell Phone Today without Credit Check!

Before we dig into the lease cell phone no credit check issue, let us discuss the importance of the device itself. Mobile phones are now an inseparable part of our lives. At first, it was a luxury to own a mobile phone that only a handful of people can afford. But now, it has changed. It has turned into a main necessity in our daily lives. This little gadget that is not bigger than a book gives us access to our communication, entertainment, and -for some people- a source of income.

Mobile phones are also getting more accessible and affordable. New phones arrive every other month and the market will try to keep up. There are ways to purchase your next phone if you do not have cash at hand. You can try financing your phone to put an installment arrangement for you. But life happens and sometimes it leaves you with bad credit from your previous purchase. A person that has an installment and failed to pay it on time will get a low credit score, resulting in a bad credit history. This could be a trouble as some credit providers will check on your credit history, resulting in your installment proposal likely to be denied.

Can I lease a cell phone with bad credit?

Yes. Nowadays, more and more credit providers offer alternatives to give potential customers a second chance. One of them is to promote a lease program without a credit check that will accommodate customers with a bad credit history or no credit history. Leasing a cell phone is similar to financing a phone, but without putting a down payment in the first place. You can choose a credit provider, pick a lease plan they offer and after some time, you can decide to keep the phone or to upgrade it to a new one. The next question is, where should you go if you want to lease a phone? We have compiled 8 of the best for you. Choose wisely!

lease cell phone no credit check

  • Rent-A-Center

One of the best lease cell phone no credit check providers is Rent-A-Center – or RAC- that has been in service for 47 years. It is one of the earliest companies to adopt the rent-to-own system in the United States. This Texas-based company offers leases for a variety of furniture and electronic gadgets such as mobile phones.

RAC has a wide variety of cell phones to choose that you can lease without worry. This company will not check your credit history because they have their screening system. RAC will still need your basic ID and domicile proof to register to their lease program, however. You have to be at least 18 years old to apply. The best thing about RAC is its customer-oriented options at the end of your lease. You may even postpone your payment and pick up where you left off.

Key Features

  • A wide array of product variety from the best brands
  • You can own the gadget as early as 6 months; and a great discount on an early buyout!
  • Pause your payment anytime and pick up where you left off

What We Like

Did we mention that the company will repair your gadget within the agreement period for free?

  • Lease Ville

Lease Ville is gaining significant traction in the rent-to-own market. It offers easy to follow procedure and amazing customer service. If you have a steady income and a job but bad credit, Lease Ville is the alternative to get your hands on the latest gadget. Lease Ville has promised not to check your credit history or contributing the record in any means possible. In exchange for this advantage, they will require you to submit information about your job and bank account.

Head to their website to apply for the lease program they offer. Then, after you are approved, you can choose to have your gadget delivered to your house. You can also pick it up at the appointed retailer store. All transactions done on the website are secure and easy to navigate. Their policies of ownership also put you in control. You can return your device and cancel the contract at any time. They even topped it off with a huge 50% cut if you wish to buy out the device earlier than the contract. You can choose to purchase the gadget, return it, or continue the lease for 12 months and have the device solely yours. It is truly a great bargain!

Key Features

  • The newest product from a renowned brand
  • Flexible lease; the control is in your hand
  • Everything is done online

What We Like

They have the best customer service among many lease providers.

  • K-Mart

K-Mart is too big to miss when it comes to easy electronic lease. They do not require any credit check as long as you provide your earning proof and bank account record. With that, you can also decide whether to make your payment monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly. It is very useful especially when you do not have a regular payday. K-Mart offers flexibility to purchase a device via the website. Ship each purchase to you or in-store pickup points near your location.

When you have made it to the 5th month, K-Mart will give you 3 options regarding your lease. If you like the device, you can continue leasing it. But if you love it, you can purchase it earlier at no extra cost. In rarer cases, some customers want to change their gadgets instead. Luckily, one can always opt for returning it to WhyNotLeaseIt, an independent lease provider.

Key Features

  • Great early purchase terms
  • No deposit required
  • Flexible payment frequency

What We Like

Easy and fast lease application and approval via the website!

  • Progressive Leasing

You may have seen this leasing company quite often when you are out shopping. Progressive Leasing has been around for 21 years and stood solid until now. It is one of the best lease cell phone no credit check providers out there. If you need to get your phone ASAP and are looking for a lease that is straight-forward and available in a lot of places, Progressive Leasing is your first choice. They will not bother with your bad credit score or report to credit bureaus. Progressive Leasing company take the screening process onto their hand. They understand that life happens and sometimes we fall to its bitter side, and that is okay. Their representative will be ready to help you during that time.

The most cost-effective plan they have is the 90-day agreement. It is where you lease your device and fully owns it after the term ends. This plan has the lowest interest of all plans. However, you can still choose the 12-month program that has a higher interest but less amount of payment. Find the stores that cooperate with this company, and lease away the gadget of your dream!

Key Features

  • 12-month lease agreement with the 90-day early buyout option
  • No application fees
  • Return merchandise whenever

What We Like

Easy to access. If you cannot access the website, you can simply visit the nearest available store that supports Progressive Leasing.

  • Rent Delite

Rent Delite is our go-to place to have an easy and fast cell phone lease. Their plans are affordable and flexible. Plus, they do not burden you with interest charges! If you go to their website, it contains all of the requirements and steps to get approved of your next gadget. Rent Delite leases are usually in 12 months with a 1-month term of prerequisite payment. After the 1 month passes, the lessee can make another decision about their contract.

With Rent Delite, you can choose to own the device after the 12-month contract ends or make an early purchase. Should you not be satisfied with the product, you can always return it at no cost. Unlike most lease providers, Rent Delite manages everything online. So you can shop in the comfort of your own home while waiting for your gadget baby to arrive.

Key Features

  • Everything is done online
  • No long-term obligation; you are free to decide after the 1-month period ends
  • Fast approval

What We Like

Rent Delite offers no fuss in giving the best lease cell phone program.

  • Flexshopper

Flexshopper is one of the big boys in the rent-to-own world. They have the guts to let you have multiple purchases at the same time totaling 2,500 USD. All you need to do is to fill out an online application and have them assess your profile. Once you are done, you may browse over their vast options of devices and sign your agreement. Then, the device will be delivered to you in no time. It is that easy.

By default, you will be put in weekly payment. However, you can always change it bi-weekly or monthly as well. It comes in handy when you have a change of payday. Inform them, and they will take care of it. All of their agreements will require you to make payment for 52 days. But it would be better if you look into Flexshopper 90-day same as cash program. This program allows you to own your leased device in a 90-day window by buying it out at the cash price plus tax with no additional cost!

Key Features

  • 52 weeks of contract, paid weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. The device is yours after it ends!
  • 90 days of same as cash program
  • You can take multiple leases if your profile allows

What We Like

The 2,500 USD limit in a multiple lease plan is the best offer we have heard so far.

  • Sprint Flex Lease

This one comes from one of 4 major network carriers in the country, especially after they merge with another strong player in the industry, T-Mobile. Sprint understands that communication is crucial even though you have a bad credit record. So, they offer a lease cell phone no credit check program to help customers stay in touch in this modern-day hustle. Used to be called Sprint Lease, the new Sprint Flex retains the same features as its predecessor. With a very affordable price, you can enjoy the strength and coverage of Sprint (and T-Mobile) networks while renting the phone of your choice!

There are several prepaid plans to choose from: Basic and Unlimited Plan. The Best value would be the unlimited plan with extra streaming services to unleash your gadget’s potential. Sprint offers an 18-month agreement that allows you to buy or return the device once it ends. You can also upgrade it in the 12th month.

Key Features

  • 18-month contract
  • Various data, call, and text plan to go with
  • Sprint features rent charges (interest charges)

What We Like

The broad and strong network that comes along with your new device!

  • Gazelle

Gazelle goes above and beyond to make sure low-income families and bad creditors have a second chance to own a device. A company with one of the busiest device rehab facilities prefers to breathe a second life to pre-owned phones instead of the brand new ones. Their principle in this recycling culture is a win-win solution. They provide means of communication affordably and help to conserve the environment by repurposing old phones.

Using their service is also easy. Log on to their website, choose the handset you want, and apply the lease. Then, the device will be delivered to you in no time! Already have a handset and looking for a new upgrade? Try trade-ins option so you can get a new pre-owned and fully functional phone as an exchange. Gazelle is in cooperation with Affirm to manage the leasing feature. That means you are in good hands! For every lease, a free 30-day return policy is included if the customer is not happy with the quality of the device.

Key Features

  • Selling refurbished cell phones
  • 30-day free return policy
  • Trade-in option

What We Like

We love how Gazelle sells preloved mobile phones! Plus, with the 30-day return policy, you will not worry to be stuck with an unusable device.

The Benefits of Leasing Cell Phone with No Credit Check

After-Agreement Options

The great thing that sets a cell phone lease from other alternatives is that you have the freedom to decide what to do next after your lease agreement ends. Most lease providers allow you to:

  • whether you keep the gadget,
  • buy it out by paying the rest,
  • return it and cut off the contract, or
  • leave it as it is and make no changes.

This allows you to assess your current financial state and priorities that can change over time.

Up-to-date Gadgets

New phones are released every year and some of us may regret our initial gadget choice. Or perhaps you just want to have the shiniest gadget all the time. Cell phone lease is your best choice as you can upgrade your gadget at the end of the lease agreement. Usually, you need to pay for 12 months and maintain your phone in pristine condition to be able to upgrade it at the end of the period. But some lease providers also offer an early update option. This allows you to upgrade your phone for less than the regular period at the expense of a little extra in your monthly payment.

Affordable Alternative

Let’s say your phone was stolen and you need a new phone as soon as possible but have no cash at hand, it would be a good idea to take a cell phone lease. With monthly payment (or other payment frequencies), it gives you some time-out as you sort your needs while keep being connected. To take it further, pick a cell phone lease that includes a network plan so you do not have to pay extra for it.

No Down Payment

One of the differences between phone financing and leasing is the absence of down payment. This is a great benefit as you can own a device faster without having to save up money for the front money. Some lease providers, however, requires a sum of deposit money that will be refunded after the installment term ends. They tend to offer fewer monthly payments, too. So, it is up to you which one to choose according to your needs and budget.

Little to None Credit History Impact

As the title of this article suggests, the reason why you should opt for a cell phone lease is that leasing companies do not mind your credit history. Some companies do no check or report your activity to credit bureaus whether it is a bad or good one. Still, if you wish to take a cell phone lease, take your time to study the contract before signing anything. This helps avoid misreading that will lead to your loss. Do not hesitate to ask around when you feel unsure about something.


It is crucial to have a mobile phone in this modern-day life and there are many ways to obtain it. One of the best ways to own a mobile phone is by taking a cell phone lease. However, some of us face difficulties in proposing a lease due to a bad credit record. Luckily, some companies offer lease cell phone no credit check programs. Taking a mobile phone lease can be better than financing a phone.

One of the reasons is it offers lower monthly billing and does not need a down payment to start the program. To put the cherry on top, there are valuable options where the customer can choose to buy out, keep, return, or upgrade the gadget at the end of the program. Lastly, if you are thinking to take any of these programs, make sure to gather as much info as you can and study the agreement before agreeing to anything.

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