How to Get Free Cell Phone Service without Paying

In today’s world, where technology has expanded to no end, it is a shame that cell phone service still costs a lot of money. You’ve probably been in a situation where you ran out of data and had to pay extra just to use Instagram for a few minutes. Not to mention when you’re traveling abroad. What seems to be a great roaming plan offered by your provider actually starts costing more than your food for the entire week. This is outrageous, in a world as advanced as ours. We should not need to be paying this much for service. The fact is the providers also don’t need to charge us as much. On that note, we will go over how to get free cell phone service without paying.

Keep in mind that getting free cell service sometimes comes at the price of additional costs. Your convenience, as well as a limited amount of data, is some of those. With that out of the way, let’s find you the best way to get some free cell service.

How to get free cell phone service without paying

Without really looking for these deals specifically, you most likely won’t find them. This is because free services like these are buried under advertisements for bigger companies. This isn’t a coincidence. Fret not! We did the digging and found some excellent services. Let us show you all the options for you to choose from.

Surprisingly, there are plenty of providers offering cell phone service completely free of charge. In this article, we highlight the best, including laying out the pros and cons of each one. This way, you can make a better judgment and pick the one that suits you best.
Without further ado, here are the best free cell phone service providers:

SafeLink Wireless

SafeLink Wireless is a part of the LifeLine system. They are supported by the government and are an excellent choice that will provide you with a completely free cell phone service. The service is active for 12 months before you must re-register for it every year. This does, however, require you to meet their eligibility requirements.

Eligibility Requirements

If you’re interested in using the free SafeLink Wireless service, you must be a participant of at least one of the government programs. These include Federal Public Housing Assistance, Food Stamps, or the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program. Some other programs included are Supplemental Security Income, National School Lunch, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, and Medicaid.

This means that if you are already a part of these government programs, you will be able to use the SafeLink Wireless service.

If you are not part of those programs, you may still participate. You can do so if your total annual household income is at, or below 150 percent of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. This means that if you are living alone, your income must be exactly or less than 16,335 dollars. If you live with other persons, you need to add 5,730 dollars to the starting amount per person. If you live with 2 others, your income should be at or less than 27,795 dollars per year.

How to Get Free Cell Phone Service without Paying

If you do apply for the program through your income, you will need to provide proof for them to process. This may be a letter from your employer, your tax returns, or four consecutive pay stubs. You will also need to re-verify it every year. You will be reminded 4 months before the year ends to do so, and you can re-verify by phone or online. If you fall out of eligibility, you won’t be able to continue the service for the next year.

Free Cell Phone

SafeLink Wireless may provide you with a smartphone if you take part in their program. In fact, it’s one of the best companies that offer free government cell phones in 2020. Completely free, this is an excellent bonus that everyone would be happy to partake in. This cell phone that you will receive is limited to one per household. This cell phone is contract-free, and so it will help out with lots of hassle especially with unlocking the phone later on.

The only requirement for unlocking this free phone is that you must have taken part in the SafeLink Wireless service for the full 12 months. Naturally, if you want to unlock your phone, it would be when the SafeLink Wireless service runs out, and so this makes it very convenient to do so.

Calling and Texting Quota

Every month for 12 months, SafeLink gives you 250 free minutes for calling and texting. Every time you send a text message, you use 1 minute of said free minutes. This means that every month you will be able to send 250 text messages if you don’t use any minutes to call.

Likewise, as you have 250 free minutes for calling, you will be able to call for 8 minutes every day if you are not using any quota to text for the month. Keep in mind that the free minutes for the month do not roll over to the next month. So, it is better to spend up all of your minutes every month.

Mobile Data

Safeline Wireless does not provide any mobile data in the free service. You must add on to the plan yourself to get mobile data at additional charges.

QLink Wireless

QLink Wireless is similar to Safelink Wireless in that they are both sponsored by the LifeLine program of the government. While both are free and will be able to provide you with a free cell phone, there are a few key differences between the two services. The requirements for eligibility are the same as Safelink, and so we will not discuss it in this section. Some phones may work with QLink and some may not. Find out on What Kind of Phones Work with QLink Wireless.

Calling and Texting Quota

Similarly to Safelink, QLink Wireless offers a service that will last for 12 months and has monthly quotas. The difference is that with Q-Link, you can receive a lot more of said quota. QLink will give you 500 free minutes per month. This means that you can double what you had before with Safelink. 500 text messages per month or over 15 minutes of calling time every day for a month is an excellent deal.

As well as having a whole lot more quota than Safelink, QLink also allows your unused minutes to roll over to the next month. If you don’t use the allocated minutes, you will then have those minutes added onto as an extra to your next month’s balance.

Mobile Data Quota

Qlink Wireless does not offer up any mobile data quota for its free services.

Access Wireless

The government Lifeline program also sponsors Access Wireless. Access wireless offers an amazing free cell phone service. It is very similar to the programs that Qlink and SafeLink, but with a location limitation. Aside from the location limitation, all eligibility rules mentioned earlier apply.

Ineligible States

Unfortunately, some states do not have access to Access Wireless. Even if you are eligible for the service, you will not be able to participate. Do check on their website to find out if your state is one of them.

Calling and Texting Quota

Access Wireless is one of the best ways of how to get free cell phone service without paying. They offer completely unlimited texting over the month. This means that all of your free minutes are freed up for calling.

The amount of free minutes you get is also much more than you get with Qlink and SafeLink combined. You can call for 750 minutes for free every month, meaning that you can call for 25 minutes for free every day over the month.

Mobile Data Quota

Unlike the other LifeLine services mentioned, Access Wireless will allow you to use 100 megabytes of mobile data every month. While not a lot, you can maybe ration this over the month, or add a few dollars to get more mobile data.


This free cell phone service provider claims that they help their customers to save around 500 to 1000 dollars every year. This means that you are saving around 40 dollars in the low end and 80 dollars in the high end for every month that you use FreedomPop.

Package Information

They have a few packages on offer, with the lowest one being free, for 0 dollars a month, to the highest being only 19.99 dollars a month. There is a middle point offer at 10.99 dollars a month that you can choose as well. If you are an avid user of the internet, it may be worth getting some of the paid packages, but even then, you can still do a lot for the 0 dollars a month offer.

Calling Quota

For 0 dollars a month, FreedomPop offers you 200 “Anytime” minutes per month. This means that you can make a call for 200 minutes both during the day and night in a month. For free, this is a great deal as over 3 hours of a regular phone call is always a steal. This means that you can make a 5-minute call for every day of the month, and you’d still have minutes left over. If allocating this time budget is not an issue for you, this should be good enough.

Texting Quota

FreedomPop also offers 500 text messages for free for a month. Keep in mind, though, when it comes to texting, your quota may run out much faster. This is something to consider. For those who don’t text often, 500 messages are more than enough to last you a month.

Mobile Data Quota

The last but not least, FreedomPop offers the actual amount of data. For 0 dollars a month, you will be able to use 500 megabytes of LTE connections for an entire month. This may be enough for some, but avid internet users will not survive with such. That said, if you only need data to check and reply to emails, it’s more than enough.

Cell Nuvo

Cell Nuvo is another free mobile service provider that can be great for those who love freedom. Cell Nuvo emphasizes choice in their product. Cell Nuvo allows you to pick and choose what you actually need and allocate credit to use their service. One very positive thing that we love about Cell Nuvo is that their website design is very modern and feels very professional. Being streamlined and not too flashy, it is very comfortable to browse through.

General Overview

Choice. That’s what’s Cell Nuvo’s main selling point is. While being free, they give you a set amount of credit with which you can allocate to what you actually need to do. At the start of each month, using the basic plan from Cell Nuvo which is completely free (also called the Infinite plan), you get 2,500 credits. These credits can be allocated however you would like to allocate it.

Texting Quota

For all of your 2,500 credits, it is your choice as to where you want to spend it. A single text message would cost you 1 credit. This means that over the month if you decide to allocate all of your credits to sending text messages, you can send 2,500 text messages.

Calling Quota

One minute of the “Anytime” call would cost you 10 credits. This means that if you spend all of your credits on phone calls, you would be able to get 250 minutes’ worth of calls over the month. For more than 4 hours of phone calls every month, you can make calls for 8 minutes every day without running out of quota.

Mobile Data Quota

This may not be Cell Nuvo’s strongest suit. Cell Nuvo offers you 1 megabyte of 4G LTE for 10 credits. This means you will only get 250 total megabytes of data for the entire month.


After reading this article, you can make your decision about getting a free phone service. From all of these providers, you will be able to take advantage of their system to make calls, messages, and use mobile data for free. The quota may seem a bit limited, but that is to be expected from a free service. Remember that all of these services are available at 0 dollars. Completely free!

We hope that now you have learned how to get free cell phone service without paying. Gone are the days of pesky bills waiting for you at the end of the month. This way, you have the chance to save up to 1000 dollars a year. No matter which service you use, there will be obvious improvements for you in terms of finance. Choosing any of these services should allow you to get an instant boost in your cash flow.


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