How Does a Phone Upgrade Work on MetroPCS

With all the new smartphones being released once every couple of months, have you ever thought of upgrading your phone? Sure, upgrading a phone may not be everyone’s priority. It can also be a hassle, with the biggest question being: what about the price-tag? Despite being an irreplaceable part of every human life, newer smartphones are still quite expensive. But MetroPCS has got a solution for you: phone upgrades! So, how does a phone upgrade work on MetroPCS? Read on!

Owning a smartphone was a sign of status and exclusivity when they first came out. But nowadays it is hard for anyone at all to picture living without one. Newer smartphones can do so much more compared to older generation phones. Even when comparing smartphones that have only been released this year and ones from last year, the differences can be stark. So it is very understandable that you may want or even need to upgrade your phone to keep up with the technology.

This article will tell you what you need to know when it comes to upgrading your phone on MetroPCS. Of course, to also get the best deals available. After all, why spend more when you can save more instead?

Why Upgrade Your Phone?

Some people may not see phone upgrades as a necessity and/or an investment. Others might still find it a waste of money. That may be true, but there are also various reasons why upgrading your phone is important every once in a while.

how does a phone upgrade work on MetroPCS

There are pros and cons of upgrading your phone. But newer models of smartphones (do) have more advantages compared to the older ones. One of the examples of said advantage is software and security upgrades. Each phone manufacturer offers its period of operating system (OS) upgrades for their phones. Samsung provides 36 months of OS update for their flagship phones. Apple updates their phones for up to 5 years after its release.

You may ask, ‘So what if my phone doesn’t get security and OS updates?’ Well, if security is not a good enough reason to convince you to upgrade your phone, there is another drawback to not upgrading it.

Do know that OS updates also keep phones up to date speed and feature-wise. The same phone can offer a significantly different user experience before and after a software update. There was even a controversy where two major phone manufacturers allegedly slow down the performance of older phone models with software updates. It is not known whether this is intentional. But older smartphones do have their limitations on software updates. Some applications will even stop working once the OS is too out of date. This is why software update becomes a major factor to consider upgrading your phone.

Of course, upgrading your phone means that you will get newer and more powerful hardware (such as processor and GPU). It also may have features like better cameras for photos. Newer phones usually have a better aesthetic, too. Overall, it may have better productivity by combining those aspects.

Things to Know Before Upgrading Your Phone

Before we get into how does a phone upgrade work on MetroPCS, there are several things to consider before upgrading your phone.

1. Analyze Your Current Phone

To order to decide whether you should upgrade it, you have to understand your phone. What year was it released? How long have you been using it? Does the company still offer software updates for it? Can its performance still keep up with what you do? There are many questions for you to answer before deciding to upgrade your phone.

2. Knowing What You Need

Phone manufacturers tend to release different models of phones to suit the customers’ needs. So, it’s important to know which aspect of the phone you need the most.

Sometimes, you don’t even have to upgrade to the newest flagship phone. When all you need is strong device performance, there are several ‘budget’ phones with great built-in processors. A phone with the newest camera technology would be nice to have if you’re into photography. But there may be no need for them when you prefer snapping pictures with your DSLR cameras.

Knowing what you need is crucial before deciding what phone to upgrade to. If you don’t pay attention to your needs and buy whatever phone strikes your fancy, you may be disappointed in it.

3. Choosing Your Ideal Phone

After knowing what your current device is lacking and what you’re looking for in a new one, it’s time to choose for your ideal phone. Each person has a preference for choosing new phones. Appearance, brand, and value for money are usually the main things to consider.
But, as long as the new device suits your taste, feel free to choose whatever phone as your ideal phone to upgrade to. Make sure that it can also fulfill your needs, so you will not be disappointed before you can upgrade it again.

4. Choosing How to Upgrade Your Phone

So now that you know your current smartphone, what you need in your new one, and your ideal model in mind, time to buy the phone at a store right? You can do that, but there is a cheaper way to get a new phone. A lot of cellular service providers offer free phone upgrades. They can also give you a complete set of new smartphones and data plans. Isn’t that convenient?

Companies Offering Phone Upgrade Services

In the US, the top four biggest wireless telecommunications facilities-based service providers each offer phone upgrade services with their terms and conditions. They are:

  • Verizon Wireless, with 119.9 million subscribers (Q2 2020)
  • T-Mobile US, with 98.3 million subscribers (Q2 2020)
  • AT&T, with 92.9 million subscribers (Q2 2020)
  • DISH Wireless, with 9.3 million subscribers (July 1)

Perks of using phone upgrade service from these companies include discounts. There are also exclusive deals such as reduced accessories price, and free shipping. You may also see an old phone trade-in program, pre-paid plans, and many more.

Aside from the companies mentioned, there are also pre-paid service providers which also provide the service. For example, MetroPCS. From this point on, this article will focus on how to upgrade your smartphone on MetroPCS.

How Does a Phone Upgrade Work on MetroPCS

MetroPCS or also known as Metro is a pre-paid service provider owned by T-Mobile. Recently, it changed its brand name to Metro by T-Mobile. So do not be surprised when you cannot find much information on MetroPCS. Search it under Metro by T-Mobile instead. MetroPCS claims to cover 99% of the people in the US, which can at least tell you how trustworthy the service is. When it comes to services, MetroPCS also provides phone upgrade services both for new users and for their loyal customers. So how does a phone upgrade work on MetroPCS?

With MetroPCS, you can choose to keep your old phone and only upgrade its service from another provider to Metro. Or, get a completely new phone with Metro’s services! As Metro by T-Mobile is the first company to have a nationwide 5G network, getting an upgrade from your old phone to enjoy that is not a bad idea. The company offers various phones with a subscription to its services. Some of them are Apple, Samsung, LG, Alcatel, Motorola, T-Mobile, and more.

An exciting feature of upgrading your phone on MetroPCS is that you may even get a free phone! The company offers various deals. It includes ones where you may be able to get a free phone along with your subscription. But, even if there is no free phone promo, you may be able to buy affordable, good quality, and compatible phones. The deals may vary according to your location and when you are looking to upgrade, so read on to know more!

Steps on Upgrading your Phone on MetroPCS

Whether you want to get a new phone or keep your old one, upgrading your phone on Metro PCS is not that complicated. Of course, you can go visit one of their stores or contact the call center for more information. But to make it easier for you, we have compiled the step-by-step on how does a phone upgrade work on MetroPCS. This guide works for both new and long-term users.

1. Visit the Metro by T-Mobile Website

As mentioned in the article, MetroPCS is now Metro by T-Mobile. So, the site you will have to visit on the first step is the Metro by T-Mobile website.

2. Create an Account

To proceed, you have to have an account with the company. You will find the prompt to sign up and sign in on their website. Follow the on-screen instruction on signing up to set up your account. Once that’s done, sign in to your account and you can proceed to the next step.

If you already have an account, skip on creating a new account and just simply log in!

3. Choose a Plan

With Metro, you have the flexibility of choosing a plan based on your needs. If you are only looking to upgrade your plan, then the individual plan is the best for you. But, if you may want to add more lines to your account, then the family phone plan suits you more. Before you choose the plan you want to upgrade to, here is a bit of an insight:

Individual Plan

The individual plan is the cheapest one offered by Metro, ranging from $40 to $60 (at the time of writing). The services covered by the plan vary, but all include access to T-Mobile’s 5G network. So, if your phone is compatible with 5G, you will reap the most from this plan.

Other than the usual data, call, and text, you will also get extra services with your plan. Unlike the access to the 5G network, the free service varies between plans. It will depend on the subscription fee. This may include extra hotspot data, Google One additions, and even Amazon Prime access!

Family Plan

If you want to upgrade more than one line, or are interested in getting new plans, the Family Plan is for you! This phone plan allows you to have more than one line subscribed at the same time. It will be cheaper compared to each line subscribing to the individual plan. Lines on this plan will have the same service as the individual plan. The only difference is the number of lines attached to the subscription and the price for the additional line. For the family plan, Metro offers 2 to 5 lines.

4. Buy a New Smartphone or Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP)

Not everyone wants to get a new phone, and that’s understandable! You may have a new phone already, and all you want to do is upgrade your phone’s plan to MetroPCS. However, for BYOP, you need to check your phone’s compatibility. The conditions are for your phone to be a GSM phone, and it should be unlocked. If even one of the conditions is unfulfilled, you have to buy a new smartphone.

If you decide to only switch your provider, you may have to check their website for deals. One of the sweetest deals, which are usually time-sensitive, is the free phone when switching to Metro. However, this is only available in-store, so you have to keep your eyes peeled for the right time and event to get a new phone. But, you can upgrade your phone to a newer one any time! Metro offers lesser fees to swap your phone to a new one as long as your current phone is compatible with MetroPCS.

If you decide on getting a new phone from MetroPCS, upgrading your phone in the future will be a lot easier! With a subscription to Metro’s plans, you are eligible for a phone upgrade every 90 days after activating the phone, up to 4 times a year. While the phone upgrade is not free, it is much more affordable than getting a new phone completely.

5. Upgrading Phone on MetroPCS for Existing User

For long-term subscribers, there are three ways to upgrade your phone on MetroPCS:
In-store: visit a MetroPCS store near you

Online: visit the Metro by T-Mobile site to get help from the Metro phone activation service

Phone call: contact the customer support team

As with the new users buying a phone from MetroPCS, existing users also have the

privilege of upgrading their phones. The policy is the same: after 90 days, at a maximum of 4 times a year. But, if you cannot wait to get a new, flagship phone, you can still do it! You will have to pay a full price instead of getting discounts on the upgrade.

Recommendation on Upgrading Your Phone with MetroPCS

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to upgrading phones on MetroPCS. The available phone type will depend on where you are. If you want to upgrade your device with a limited budget, then always keep an eye on the deals. When the time is right, you can upgrade your phone to newer ones.

Various phones are compatible with MetroPCS. That includes flagship phones from brands such as Samsung and Apple. Some of the newest flagship phones released in 2020 are available in the online store. For example, the iPhone 11 Pro Max and the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G, some of the best free touch screen phones provided by the government. Other types such as the iPhone XR are also available.

If great deals are what you are looking for, then head over to the Deals page on Metro by T Mobile. In September 2020, you can upgrade your phone in-store to iPhone SE only by paying $49.99. Brands such as Motorola have also worked together with MetroPCS. It helps their customers get a better, faster phone at a more affordable price.

The great news is, you can even upgrade a phone for FREE if you decided to switch to MetroPCS. That’s right, you only need the validation of name, address, and date of birth. It should be provided through an independent database. And when you decide on buying, you just have to show matching identification. Then you can buy either LG Stylo 6 or Samsung Galaxy A21 and receive a full-rebate on the price.


Many factors prevent us from upgrading their phones. Maybe the steep price point is one of the reasons. Or maybe they just haven’t experienced the benefits of using an up-to-date phone. Depending on the circumstances, a phone upgrade may be the best move to save time and money. Especially as it helps increase convenience and productivity.

With an easy step-by-step guide, surely it’s not hard for you to upgrade your phone. Remember to choose the best plan so you can cut the price-tag of those expensive flagship phones. Make them more affordable as well as enjoying the perks and bonuses offered. Suddenly it feels like there’s no better time to upgrade your old phone, doesn’t it? Hope this information on how does a phone upgrade work on MetroPCS can help you grab your new dream phone!

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