How Do We Get A Free Cell Phone Without Contract?

Back in the days, mobile or cellphone were not so important. We only used it to make phone calls and sending text messages. This has significantly developed. Now, mobile phones have become a big part of everyone’s life. Many things we do on a mobile phone, from looking for recipes to shopping online. Along with this increasing need, various brands continue to compete. Each comes up with better specs, one after the other. Looking at those amazing products makes us wonder, how do we get absolutely free cell phones without contract? Is there a way to get a “free” cell phone? The answer is yes!

Mobile phone purchases continue to increase every year in various countries around the world. In the United States, this is more dominated by Apple. In Korea, the number 1 mobile phone purchase is Samsung. There are several reasons things taken into consideration when someone buys a phone. The most important reason is its function.

Another reason is a lifestyle. And some others choose one based on how stylish the brand will make them look.

You can shop for various brands of mobile online at the official outlets. However, you can also shop online. Whichever you choose, you will get a lot of privileges when buying a cellphone. You can buy with cash, debit cards, and credit cards with installments. Also, you can use some financial applications in online stores and mobile phone outlets. Through one of these applications, you get to bring one home without any contract.


One of the top mobile providers in the U.S., T-Mobile can be your solution to get a “free” cell phone. Sign up for T-Mobile’s Smartphone Equality program. If you have bad credit, this is also a good solution for you. This program lets you buy a phone without any down payment. And you can pay through up to 12 months’ installments. This program works with the AutoPay feature. Each payment will be automatically debited from your bank account.


Sprint has introduced its “No Credit Check” program. You can either “Bring Your Own Phone” or “Buy A Phone” through this program. Whoever switches to Sprint is eligible for this program. If you don’t mind using a Sprint contract, you can even avoid the monthly installment! That’s right. Your phone is completely free. All you have to pay is the contract and price plans Sprint offers. Isn’t that a great deal?


Say goodbye to waiting for approval and worrying about getting it or not. With Verizon Credit Check, you can run your own credit check! It’s so easy. And they provide all things you need to know to get through the prequalification check. Once you’re approved, you can pick any of your favorite devices.

Have you heard of Verizon Internet for Low-Income Families? This special program helps those who cannot afford the luxury of a cell phone. If you have financial issues, you should check if you’re eligible for that program. Follow the link above to read more information.

absolutely free cell phones without contract

Get Your “Free” Cell Phone from Credit Providers

Let’s face it, even when they promise no contract, cell phone providers will always sell their plan. So, chances are you’ll be bringing phone a cell phone bundled with their best price plans. Of course, this is not a bad thing. If you like the provider and will use their service in the end, why not get the best deal out of them. However, we’d like to give you alternatives. These credit providers let you get absolutely free cell phones without a contract. Let’s take a look!


Through SmartPay, you can pick any device you want. On top of that, SmartPay promises instant approval. For this, you need to apply through the SmartPay website. With just a few clicks, you can see if you’re eligible for their programs. You need to be at least 18 years old with 1000 USD monthly income, though. Once everything is set, you can bring home any device you like without or with a low upfront payment. You can also use SmartPay in some offline stores!


CellNuvo was launched in October 2015. Although marketing is focused in the Midwest, services are available to anyone and in America. The programs they offer help you choose the operator you want and the plan that best suits you.

What we love from CellNuvo is their two fun games for customers. With these two games, you collect points to purchase mobile internet packages. And if your points are enough, you can use it to get absolutely free cell phones without a contract. Yes, you only need to play the game on the app!


FreedomPop is based in the U.S. but also expanding to three other countries. The three countries include Britain, Spain, and Mexico. In the U.S., FreedomPop uses Sprint and AT&T networks. In 2015, The Economist recognized FreedomPop with “Wi-fi first” technology. FreedomPop develops ideas for customers to send texts and make calls over Wi-Fi connections.

There are various advantages to buying mobile products on the FreedomPop site. You can immediately get the mobile phone you want without a contract and without commitment. Also, you get a 3-month guarantee and money back within 2 weeks if you’re not satisfied. You can surf the FreedomPop website for a variety of products offered.

Comparison Sites to Find the Best Deal

If you are not sure of which provider to choose or even which credit payment you want to use, check out some of these comparison sites. By providing more neutral information and comparing it against one another, these sites help you make your decision greatly.


The WhistleOut was founded in 2008 by Cameron Craig and Jason Hill in Australia. WhistleOut has expanded to several offices in several countries. The main purpose is to provide a comparison website in which guidelines are easily accessed. This relates to the complexity of telecommunications service products. Over time, WhistleOut site compares on home-based internet, TV services, and other things related to electronics.

The WhistleOut site is a comparison site to help you buy electronics, including cell phones. With this site, you get clear information to help you choose the right decision. Compare several cellphones you want within your budget. And the best part is you can choose a payment method you want. Adjust these options to get absolutely free cell phones without a contract. And WhistleOut will lead you to the provider’s website directly!


Wirefly was founded in 1999. For about 20 years, they have been assisting buyers with their choices. Wirefly is a comparison site designed to compare various services and packages. These include mobile data, home internet, cell phone, and even home security system. Also, their experts are happy to help you choose the best product at an affordable price.

On the Wirefly site, you can compare the products you want. Or if you’re not sure, you can just select the data and packages you want. To get absolutely free cell phones without contract, select “Monthly/No Contract” under the Contract Length. Happy browsing!

absolutely free cell phones without contract

Cell Phone by Credit Card

Everybody wants to own a cell phone with the best specs. Thanks to the rapid development of technology and information. Personal and professional matters require us to have a cell phone. Everyone, especially those living in big cities, needs smartphones and gadgets. However, getting a quality smartphone with good specifications is not easy because of the relatively high price.

Applying for a credit card often takes a long time. And chances are you won’t get any approval after all. Either you don’t meet the income requirements, unable to provide the documents, or simply not qualified. That’s where these cell phones and credit providers come into play. Through these services, you can have various brands of mobile phones. And this is a great alternative to a credit card.

In the era that is very much technology-based, you have tons of applications or online shopping sites. You can shop for products you want to have with various benefits offered. Even the network providers themselves have programs that allow you to bring a cell phone home without a contract.

Final Verdict

If you are sure which provider or network to choose, we suggest getting a monthly contract. Some providers do let their customers get free cell phones as long as they pay for the monthly services. This way, you save more money. However, if you insist on getting absolutely free cell phones without contract, credit providers should be the one you go to. Not sure which to choose? Go to the two mentioned comparison sites and decide from there!

Along with the no-contract facility, you get a warranty, money back, and no credit check. However, you must first check whether the application you are using provide services in your country. You also have to be careful in choosing a product. Who knows there is some upcoming promo you should not miss. Christmas and New Year are the two holidays with most promos and discounts. Take your time to find the best solution for shopping. That way you will not regret your choice later on.

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