Free Cell Phones with No Deposit and No Activation Fee

How humans depend on electronics, especially mobile phones, is an issue that keeps rising. Aside from being mobile, it has turned into a primary need – no longer a secondary item. This particular device helps many human activities and needs. Accessing the internet, video calls, phone calls, texts, or social media are available on one single device. That is why the need for a free cell phone no deposit no activation fee feature keeps raising.

How its status swift into primary needs affects everyone, including you. The use of mobile phones has become a daily need that is not limited to age, social status, or position. For those who are financially stable, having a mobile phone with various advantages is easy. But what happens to low-income families? The U.S. Government understands its citizens’ need for communication access. So they came up with a free mobile program for those in need.

FCC (Federal Communication Commission) collaborates with telecommunications services in one particular program. This program aims to provide mobile phones with no deposit and no activation fee. In other words, those who meet the requirements can get mobile phones for free.

Unfortunately, there are still people who do not understand how to get these government-subsidized cell phones. Through this article, we will describe some of its terms and conditions. We’ve also gathered some information on several models and brands that you can get through this program.

Getting a free cell phone through a government program

This free cell phone service is more commonly known as the Lifeline Assistance Program. However, not all Americans are entitled to this. The FFC (Federal Communication Commission) has strict regulations regarding this program. For those want to join this program, you should be eligible for one of the government service programs below:

  • Supplemental Security Income

Supplemental Security Income is a taxpayer-funded program in the United States. This program provides cash to those who paid for social security and are eligible for retirement.

  • Medicaid

Medicaid is a federal and state program that provides medical assistance for low and limited income earners. This program is like a cross-subsidy for people in need.

  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

The system is similar to the Medicaid program in the form of federal and state assistance to low-income citizens. It’s just that this one aims food purchases. This program was formerly known as the Food Stamp Program.

free cell phone no deposit no activation fee

  • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance

This program aims to provide living expenses for Alaskans and Native Americans. The needs covered by this program include clothing, shelter, and food. Costs for the burial procession are also included in this program.

  • Federal Public Housing Assistance

Low-income citizens, seniors, and those who cannot afford to have private homes for economic reasons or other limitations can join this one government program. The government provides subsidized rental housing. Heater, water, and sewerage bills are also covered, for a total of 30% of the total annual income.

If you are not listed in the services above, fret not! You can still join this program. If one of your family members is eligible, you can also benefit from the program. You only have to meet the registrant’s annual income. It must be under 135% of the applicable Federal Poverty Guidelines. This guideline is subject to change at any time, so please recheck the requirements first before signing up. To prove this, you should provide some official government documents, some of which are:

  • Annual state tax returns for the previous year
  • Retirement Statement
  • Income statement/salary deduction from the company (if it is a private employee)
  • Latest paycheck
  • Notification of participation in Federal Public Assistance
  • Statement of social security benefits
  • Veterans preference letter
  • Family document
  • Divorce papers
  • Additional letters or documents that contain income information.

Telephone, Text and Internet Service Package Providers

Many companies provide attractive packages for this government program. They offer packages at lower prices, compared to regular packages. Even so, you will still get the same device, service, and internet access. Some providers even offer unlimited packages for phone calls or internet data. Let’s take a look at some of the best offers from several providers that support the Lifeline Assistance Program.


Verizon offers monthly discounts of up to 9.25 USD. This program is specifically for those with low incomes. However, it only applies in certain states, such as Iowa, New York, Wisconsin, and North Dakota. Only 1 package and 1 device are allowed for one household.
There are 2 packages offered by Verizon: a Lifeline Plan for 25 USD and a HomePhone Connect Plan for 19.99 USD. The benefits of the packages offered by Verizon are:

  • Monthly fees will automatically be deducted at 9.25 USD
  • 1000 minutes of phone calls for Lifeline packages and unlimited telephone for HomePhone Connect. For the Lifeline package, an additional charge of 45 cents per minute is charged if the package has run out.
  • Unlimited text messages

Read more details on this program here: Verizon Internet for Low-Income Families.


Similar to its competitors, AT&T also provides discounts for the lifeline packages they offer. The consumers of the Lifeline Program get a 7.25-USD discount for monthly telephone bills and a 9.25-USD discount for the internet. Native Americans living in reservations will get an additional discount of up to 25 USD. Although there are 2 packages offered, you may only choose one of the two packages available per household.


Today, T-Mobile Lifeline program is available in 9 states and Puerto Rico. The 9 states include Kentucky, Florida, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Virginia, Minnesota, Texas, and Washington. By joining the Lifeline program from T-Mobile, users will later get a discount of 9.25 USD per month. Another interesting offer from T-Mobile is that the Native Americans only have to pay 1 USD per month, with terms and conditions apply. For now, the package offered is still limited to phone calls. However, it’s unlimited to use anytime.

QLink Wireless

Compared to other competitors, QLink Wireless provides Lifeline Program services in more states. QLink is more focused on the Lifeline package by offering free mobile phones with QLink Wireless network. For this offer, users get the benefits of 3GB of data, 1000 minutes of unlimited calls and texts. This free mobile phone offer is the main attraction of Q Link Wireless. Users can save up to 420 USD per year or 35 USD per month by getting a free cell phone. Read more about QLink offers on What Kind of Phones Does QLink Wireless Have in 2020.

US Cellular

US Cellular offers Lifeline Services in 15 states from all 26 states they cover. The discounted price is almost the same as most providers, which is 9.25 USD. However, this only applies in Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Tennessee, Virginia, and Washington. Some other states, you can enjoy different discounts. In West Virginia, for example, you can get a discount of 11.25 USD. In Maine, Nebraska, and Oregon, you will get a discount of 13.50 USD per month.


TruConnect is a provider that consistently offers Lifeline packages to its users. It’s valid in several states such as California, Kentucky, Michigan, Nevada, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas, and Wisconsin. TruConnect offers free mobile phones with applicable terms and conditions. TruConnect also offers 2 BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) packages at very affordable prices for low-income families. It is only 5 USD per month for unlimited texts and 15 USD per month for unlimited phone calls, texts, plus 250MB of data.

Assurance Wireless

The Assurance Wireless is part of the Sprint Nextel provider company. Assurance Wireless is one of the providers with rapid development. They outperform in providing Lifeline services in most states. For the basic package, in addition to getting a free mobile phone, users will get 250 minutes of telephone calls and unlimited texts. If you add 5 USD/month to the package, you will get an additional 250 minutes for 1 month. And if you require a data plan, a 30 USD package is also available with unlimited phone calls and unlimited data packages.

EnTouch Wireless

In 2016, the Lifeline program also began serving the Broadband network. EnTouch, as an internet provider, participates in this government program. With coverage across all American mainlands, EnTouch provides devices with offered packages. By joining the Lifeline program, users can save 10 USD from each regular package. For example, you can get a 20-USD package with unlimited phone calls and texts plus 500MB of data with just 10 USD/month. The same goes for packages of 30 USD and 50 USD, all available with a 10 USD discount.

What are the cell phone brands offered for free?

This program focuses more on the substance of the devices provided as a communication tool. Don’t expect to get an iPhone Pro Max 11 or Samsung Ultra S20, because that will never happen. Well, at least not yet. These free mobile phones are what we call basic. They are good for making phone calls, sending texts, and surfing the internet.

Usually, some companies provide mobile phones depending on the stock or inventory in the warehouse. The user cannot choose the device that will be given to them. Compared to several models of free mobile phones, these are rather old-fashioned. But they still do the job. The specifications are not as good as new cell phones that can cost hundreds and thousands of dollars. Not that these devices are bad, they are still good and function well. Let’s look at a few examples of devices you can get from a free cell phone no deposit no activation fee program:

  • Samsung Galaxy A10

The Samsung always offers the best specifications but still at an affordable price. Samsung Galaxy A10 is one of them. This type is among the best in its class, with a 13MP camera, fingerprint equipped to make this cell phone more secure. One unfortunate thing is that the screen resolution is only 720, so it cannot display images with Full HD 1080P or 4K resolution.

  • Blu Advance

The specifications of this GSM mobile phone may not be top-notch. But since the price is affordable, this cell phone is enough to meet your communication necessities. Equipped with 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM, this phone can store music and video files that you can enjoy.

  • NUU Mobile A5L

Cheap mobile phone with high specifications, NUU Mobile A5L is the right choice for you. This cell phone is very good at receiving Wi-Fi signals. And the batteries are durable for making phone calls. However, style-wise, there is nothing special about this phone.

  • iPhone 7

Even though the iPhone is considered a luxury, you can get one from this government program. Yes, you can get an iPhone through the free cell phone no deposit no activation fee program. Although iPhone has now released its 11th series, iPhone 7 is still no less competitive in its specifications. You can still use it comfortably and in style.

  • LG Stylo 4

It’s a mobile phone that can use with a variety of providers (unlocked). It has 32GB of internal memory and works on Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 1.8 GHz Octacore Processor. It also provides fast 4G access. With a high-quality camera and a stylus Pen, getting this phone for free is like winning a lottery.

  • Motorola Moto G7

It’s a mobile phone that came first in early 2019. It offers powerful specifications and is equipped with a 12 MP camera. These make this cell phone one of the best. Some providers, such as Access Wireless, provide this mobile phone for the lifeline services. As a free cell phone, the Motorola Moto G7 is a gem.

  • Alcatel MyFlip

For those of you who like flip phones, Alcatel MyFlip is the right choice. With a simple and elegant look, it features easy-to-access assist screen. You can access it without having to open the phone. You can still access the internet and email on this telephone. Even though it’s not like most Android phones today, this Alcatel can still surf the web quickly. It already supports 4G networks.


From the information above, we can conclude that using the free cell phone no deposit no activation fee program can be tricky. It will be easier to get it if you meet the requirements of a low-income citizen. Simply attach proof of participation in the government subsidy program as evidenced by an official letter.

If you met the requirements of this program, you should take some time in choosing the provider. Each provider has different offers and promos in each region. Make sure the provider you choose is the most suitable for your needs. Take advantage of this program to stay connected with family, friends, and loved ones.

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