How Do We Get Free Cell Phone with No Money Down and No Credit Check?

Cell phones have become an indispensable tool in the modern world. We can’t imagine a life without the ease of communication and information access they offer. They connect us to our loved ones, education aids, and even make a living using them. However, life happens and sometimes we cannot escape from its up and downs. Be it a financial disaster or remote access, not everyone can simply buy another cell phone in exchange for the lost one. It hinders these people to access the opportunities they potentially help. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem. In this article, we discuss 9 companies that provide a free cell phone no money down no credit check program!

This has become a growing problem in our society. So, companies and governments are looking out ways to work together. And so they create programs that can help people to get devices and better their lives. People with low-income or have just started to work usually have no credit history or bad history. It makes it harder to get cell phones via common financing or leasing. Luckily, some companies offer these programs to aid them with this matter. With these programs, interested people can check if they are eligible and then purchase the device they need the most.

free cell phone no money down no credit check

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T-Mobile is one of the top 3 established mobile providers in the United States. And it continues to spread its wings to give better services to all customers. T-Mobile understands that not all people can put more items on their budget even though they are in desperate need of digital help. There are many demands to create a program that facilitates low-income families and citizens to acquire the device they want. This program is called Smartphone Equality.

Smartphone Equality is a program to help someone with bad or no credit score to own a gadget without a down payment or deposit money. Smartphone Equality lets you own a select phone without payment if you can make the payment on time for 12 months. The payment includes the phone lease price and the T-Mobile prepaid service. Your eligibility will go even higher if you also take their AutoPay feature. This lets the system withdraw the payment from your bank account automatically.

QLink Wireless

QLink Wireless is a communication company that is backed by the government to provide wireless service to those under the lifeline program. Lifeline program is a U.S. government program. This allows low-income individuals and families to gain access to telecommunication services at a discounted rate.

The eligibility requirements are different in each state. However, the main requirements to be eligible for this program are to be registered in government assistance programs. These include food stamps, Medicaid, Veterans pension, and so forth. Thanks to the program, there are 17-million Americans have been using this service. To know more about this, read What Kind of Phones Does QLink Wireless Have in 2020.

Infiniti Mobile

There is great news if you’re an individual with low income who lives in Oklahoma. You may have an opportunity to apply for free cell phone no money down no credit check program by Infiniti Mobile. Infiniti Mobile has nationwide coverage that provides a fair quality network for its users. The company offers services for lifeline eligible individuals or families. Those who want to get access to the mobile network at an affordable price.

For as low as 1 USD, you can get a free cell phone bundle including voice and text bundle. It’s such a low price for 750 minutes of talk time and unlimited text. Those who live in Tribal Lands can get better bundles with the additional data network. You can upgrade your bundle, too, if you need some data service. They offer at least $4 to top up your voice or data quota. However, the company warns that topping up your data is not recommended as the price is too high for the size.

Safelink Wireless

As the 9th largest phone company in the world, TracFone believes that everyone should have access to a cell phone. They also believe that every consumer deserves transparency in what service they have chosen to purchase. To achieve this aim, Safelink Wireless was born in 2018 in the spirit of such freedom. Safelink Wireless is a lifeline provider to assist low-income families and individuals. With this, they can have fully functional communication devices. These include phones from the world’s great brands like Samsung, Motorola, and LG among many others.

If you are a member of a select of government assistance program, you are qualified to apply for a free cell phone program that this company offers. You can choose several lifeline plans that can be topped up if you need some extra airtime or data. Choosing Safelink Wireless also means that you don’t need to worry about losing coverage when you travel to the country. Thanks to its cooperation with more than 30 major carriers around the U.S.

Assurance Wireless

Next up is a program brought by one of the giants of the telecommunication industry, Virgin Mobile. Assurance Wireless is starting to gain popularity in America. Assurance Wireless has become a reliable service provider for low-income families and individuals in more than 40 states in the United States. And they show no sign of stopping. It is tough to compete with Assurance Wireless coverage with Sprint/Nextel on its wings.

If you are eligible within the lifeline program, you have a chance to own an Android phone. Not only that, but you also get unlimited airtime and texts and an additional 2 GB for free. If you are living in California, you are in it for a surprise. Assurance Wireless offers more abundant packages to go along with your free phone. You will get unlimited talk, unlimited text, and a whopping 5GB monthly data. If that is not enough, you can always top up the bundle with other packages. These include Unlimited “International Talks and Texts” and country-specific packages.

Assist Wireless

As a newcomer as lifeline providers, Assist Wireless has made an impressive debut and keeps on growing. Based in Oklahoma, the company is now serving millions of users in more than 20 states across the United States. The basic plan prices for Oklahoma non-tribal lands are from 0-10 USD that depends on the content of the bundle. The 1 USD plan consists of a free cell phone, 1000 minutes talk time, unlimited texts, and 50 MB, slightly better than 0 USD bundle that only has free 500 texts.

The packages differ from state-to-state. Currently, 5 states have the least package benefit which is Arkansas, Maryland, Minnesota, and Missouri. And the most benefited packages are for those living in tribal lands with an additional 4GB of data in every bundle. Assist Wireless has the most affordable refill plans among other free cell phone no money down no credit check providers. If you think Assist Wireless is your choice, visit their representative in over 20 states around the country.

True Wireless

True Wireless may only serve 5 states in the U.S. but they are very serious in giving the best service for their customers. They have a reliable network with 97% coverage across the country. With their lifeline program, enjoy a free phone of your choice, unlimited texting, 1000 minutes call time, and 3 GB of data. So far, they offer the most generous data among other packages from other lifeline providers. Every subscriber is free of contract and credit check!

The Oklahoma based company also offers more features to go with your plan. These extra features are free 911 and 411 calls, call waiting, connection to a Wi-Fi hotspot, voicemail, and 3-way calling. The last 2 features are especially useful to help you connected to those you love better and lessen the chance of missing out. To apply for the lifeline program, your income level must comply with the Federal Poverty Guidelines. And you need to be registered in at least one government assistance program.

EnTouch Wireless

EnTouch Wireless is a program from Boomerang Wireless. It’s to provide lifeline plans for eligible individuals. This lets them own a means of mobile communication. They have great coverage on the entire country and provide their service for more than 20 states. The plans they offer depends on the state upon registration. This company is one of the top lifeline program providers in the entire country.

California has the best plans for all states because of its dense population. If you happen to live in tribal lands, you are eligible for a free phone with unlimited calls and texts and 2.4GB of data. But if you live in non-tribal lands, you can get the same amount of calls and texts but with the only 500MB per month. Other states will get 1000 minutes of talk and unlimited texts with 100MB 4G data.

Tag Mobile

Without Tag Mobile, millions of low-income people in 19 states may not be able to reach out to their far-away family members. They can also get the emergency help they desperately need. Tag Mobile gives free phones with free texts and air time for their customers as long as they adhere to the lifeline program by the government.

Tag Mobile offers 2 awesome plans that you can choose if you are a California resident. Premium plans cover 250 talk-time and unlimited texts for 5 USD, while the Platinum plan will give you unlimited talk and unlimited texts. Living outside California? Worry not. As long as you live in one of the states they cover, you can still use their service and let them choose the perfect plan for you. Visit their website to find out if you are eligible for the program.

The Benefits Getting a Free Cell Phone with No Money Down and No Credit Check

Saving Money

Most free cell phone no money down no credit check programs are aimed for low-income persons. This gives them access to more opportunities without putting a heavy burden on their monthly budget. Most financing and leasing require you to put a down payment or a deposit before you can purchase a phone. Not to mention the agreement and contract that entails it. Financing a phone also adds up a huge phone and credit bill. If you don’t have strong initial finance, taking free cell phone programs will be your best choice.


Nowadays, you need to constantly be connected to the world of information. Beyond that, cell phones provide a means for communication for people. Recent studies show that the elderly is one of the loneliest groups of people in the 21st century. This happens because children leave their parents when they get older and start living on their own. This separation can be mediated by cell phone. Parents and children can call or video call each other to relieve loneliness. But sometimes family with low-income cannot get their hands on a device, this is where the program can help. A phone for everyone!

Get Back on Your Feet

We all know that life happens and sometimes its force is inevitable. We need to be able to adapt and look for ways to stand on our feet again. Having access to a mobile phone can open up more opportunities we need. If one is unemployed, a device can connect you to the information about job opportunities or financial aids. That’s why you need to look for info on how to get free cell phone programs in your area. See if you are eligible and follow the procedure to get them.


In this digital era, communication now relies heavily on mobility and remote accessibility. That is why cell phones have become a crucial part of our life. Whether for communication, information access, or simply a record keeper, these gadgets are the tool to better our lives. But often, our life gets derailed and may take us away from our devices due to the cut on our budget.

When that happens, we have to try to get back to our feet as soon as possible. Many companies offer some programs to help you to do so by granting you a free phone if you are eligible for their programs. With a mobile phone, we can gain access to information and opportunities to help us make a living. These include accessing a job market, enrolling in a university, a case of emergency, or joining online communities to find support. We hope this helps answer your question, “How do we get a free cell phone no money down no credit check?”!

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