5 Best Buy Now Pay Later Sites for Bad Credit Companies in 2020

Shopping for clothes? Furniture? Means of transportation? Traveling? In this digital era, everyone is spoiled with various facilities created to make things easier. Moreover, it’s so easy to access these facilities without leaving the house. Who can resist this convenience? Unfortunately, this comes with a price, literally. There’s simply not enough money to get all you want. And not everyone can buy everything on credit. Lucky for us, there is the best buy now pay later sites for bad credit!

As several sites are providing buy now pay later feature, we are even more spoiled. This feature is now sought after by many people because they can order anything without having to pay instantly. They can opt to pay once the goods arrive and checked. This is great to see if the item has a physical defect. The other option is to pay through installment.

Why should you pick the best Buy Now Pay Later sites for bad credit?

Through the latter option, they are given several payment options. These include one-time payment or through installments, usually from 3 months to 1 year. Many people get benefits. Housewives can finally buy kitchen equipment with good quality to provide delicious dishes to the family. Career women who are required to groom from head to toe can buy the things they need. A father who wants to pamper his children with gifts, don’t need to worry much to spend. College kids who want to channel their hobbies can buy things and pay later with their pocket money. Everyone can benefit from this feature!

Buy Now Pay Later Sites for Bad Credit

If you’re thinking why these sites would offer Buy Now Pay Later feature or facility, we have the answer. It’s not only profitable for buyers, but also for the providers. This feature attracts more buyers. And the more buyers, the more profit they generate. It’s a symbiosis of mutualism where two parties are mutually beneficial. On the other hand, both will suffer losses without. Without further ado, let’s take a look at 5 best Buy Now Pay Later sites for bad credit below!


“I am dating a woman who likes to make a blog about makeup”, said Vu Nguyen the Co-Founder of Beautylish. Vu Nguyen also said that there are 100 or even 1000 women who have similar hobbies. They spread the words through social platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and others. So, Vu Nguyen took the initiative to create a community where all women can share and learn from each other.

This led to the formation of Beautylish in 2010. With the help of investors, the company launched the Beautylish online store in 2013. Beautylish online shop can be accessed easily on any browser. The Beautylish website offers several products offered to women. They range from make-up, perfume, to hair care, and many more. On Trustpilot, a website that provides reviews to several websites and applications, Beautylish gets 4.7 stars out of 5. 90% of positive reviews are given by customers who are very satisfied with the services provided. These include beautifully packaged product packaging and the quality of the products they offer. The thing that is preferred by one of the buyers is the chance to get a lucky bag every year, either at the beginning or end of the year.

Beautylish is one of the best Buy Now Pay Later sites for bad credit

Beautylish is an online store with Buy Now Pay Later feature without a credit check. This way, you still can order products even if you have bad credit. Beautylish offers flexible payments. If your order meets the terms and conditions, the flexible payment option will appear on the web page. And there is no credit checking process. For orders in the range of 50 – 99.99 USD, you can pay in 2 months installment. And for orders above 100 USD, it’s up to 3 months. Beautylish can be accessed in 53 countries around the world. So what are you waiting for? Select your products on Beautylish and order right away.


Zebit, Inc. is a website that helps Americans to shop online on credit without interest, and without additional fees. Zebit’s co-founder, president, and CEO is Marc Schneider. The Zebit company started as a business unit at Global Analytics Holdings. Eventually it split off as an independent company and was established in 2015. San Diego, California became the headquarters.

Zebit is on a mission to stabilize the financial condition of hard-working American citizens. Without holding back, Zebit provides interest-free loans of up to 2,500 USD to members. That amount of money can be used to buy various products on installments. By offering various products with no interest and without credit checks, Zebit helps buyers to be more responsible. This extends to their efforts in planning and managing their lives better.

Zebit is one of the best Buy Now Pay Later sites for bad credit

Many positive reviews were given to Zebit’s online store on the Trustpilot website for various reasons. These include fast service, varied and ever-increasing items, also ease and comfort in choosing products. Electronics, furniture, kitchen appliances, household goods are some of the products offered on the Zebit website.

The Shopping Channel

The Shopping Channel is also known as TSC. The headquarters is in Mississauga, Ontario. It’s a Canadian TV channel owned by Rogers Media. The Shopping Channel displays various products offered by the company. It’s not only through TV channels but also on the telephone or the internet. The Shopping Channel combines entertainment and inspiration to provide a shopping experience that is different from anything else.

Apart from being a well-known TV channel in Canada, TSC also provides a website for people to buy their products. TSC strongly prioritizes the quality of the product itself. Besides, they provide convenience and comfort for customers through both TV channels and websites. One of the features that TSC offers is the Buy Now Pay Later facility. In addition to its website, TSC tries to attract buyers through radio, magazines, and social media. The TSC website displays more than 1,500 products and is seen by 700,000 visitors every month.

The Shopping Channel is one of the best Buy Now Pay Later sites for bad credit

For now, the new Shopping Channel website is available in Canada only. And even in Canada, some areas may not be covered. However, most areas are covered with free shipping. You can see the shipping costs listed together with the product description. Take your time in reading the details to get free shipping.

You will not be charged any shipping costs if the item you buy weighs no more than 10 kg. On The Shopping Channel website, you will see “Buy more, save more!” This applies if you buy more than one product in one transaction. With this, you are qualified for the Multipack Reduced Shipping & Handling Program. This program provides a 50% discount on shipping costs for each product with certain terms and conditions.

Ashley Homestore

In 1945, Carlyle Weinberger founded a company called Ashley Furniture. It headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. It has the primary goal of providing a selection of furniture of the highest quality and timeless world-class designs. This company is the forerunner of the Ashley Homestore company that was founded in 1997 in Anchorage, Alaska.

In 2003, Ashley Furniture HomeStore was recognized as a fast-growing furniture store. In that same year the company opened its 100th store. That’s not the only thing this company gained, but also recognition in 2004 as the most rapidly growing furniture store. In the following year, it opened its 200th store. For three consecutive years, it sat on the top position as a furniture store with significant development. This company has spread its wings to the international industry. And this is proven by its 800 stores officially opened throughout the world.

Ashley Homestore is one of the best Buy Now Pay Later sites for bad credit

On the Ashley Homestore website, you will be presented with a variety of furniture. You can choose any product according to your taste. Ashley Homestore provides a complete range of furniture choices that can cover your entire house. Ranging from living room sofas, bedroom mattresses, to kitchen counters. This makes it easy for you to specify each product you desire.

Ashley Homestore products have gone through endurance testing. And each only uses officially certified wood materials. It ensures that all furniture materials are safe for the environment. Besides being pampered by beautiful and elegant visual furniture, you are also given free shipping feature. Please note that this feature applies only to certain products. If you have bad credit, you don’t need to worry about a credit check. Because in Ashley Homestore stores and websites apply no credit checks. You can freely order the products that you like.

When you buy products at Ashley Homestore, you are given some payment options. You can arrange your installments from 3 months up to 5 years! Pay all the goods later with the buy now pay later facility. Ashley Homestore has reached a lot of countries, such as Indonesia (since 2011).

Alternative Airlines

Now, let’s take a look at a website that provides airplane tickets! Alternative Airlines was established in 2007 with its headquarters near Gatwick Airport, England. It immediately launched a website called Alternative Airlines. Alternative Airlines was given the trust of 600 airlines around the world in collaborations. Through this website, you can buy tickets and choose the type of payment method that suits your preference. With this option, you will be shown how many months you can complete the payment. When you make payments for flights on the Alternative Airlines website, you can use your currency. 160 currencies from all over the world are accepted to pay for ticket reservations without additional fees.

3 things to note from Alternative Airlines are speed, convenience, and security. Those three things are what you will get from the Alternative Airlines website. Speed ​​and ease of transaction and security are guaranteed by Alternative Airlines.

Alternative Airlines is one of the best Buy Now Pay Later sites for bad credit

Alternative Airlines received quite positive reviews on Trustpilot. Many people praise the promptness of their customer service. Customers also gave positive reviews on their ease of accessing the Alternative Airlines website.

Which of the best Buy Now Pay Later sites for bad credit you should pick

For those who live with everything easy, fast, and instant, now it’s even better! All you have to do is decide. Do you still want to go to a conventional store or just sit back at home browsing through these best Buy Now Pay Later sites for bad credit?

And there you have it, the best Buy Now Pay Later sites for bad credit in 2020. The thing is, many other websites provide this feature. Besides the Buy Now Pay Later, you will also get free shipping. However, terms and conditions apply to every website. Most of these purchases also come with no additional fees and no credit checks. Now you can breathe easily if you previously have a bad credit card record but must purchase your needs.

If you’re looking for products to make you look beautiful and elegant, you can visit the Beautylish website. If you prefer applying such beauty on your home furniture, go to the Zebit website, Ashley Homestore, and The Shopping Channel. Do you want to finally realize your travel plans? Witnessing the beauty of cherry blossoms in Japan? Examining the history of Machu Picchu in Peru? Or enjoying exotic food in China? This can be realized through the Alternative Airlines website.

Everything available in millennial times has made it easier for people around the world. From buying clothes, furniture, to booking tickets, it no longer takes too much time and effort. The purchasing process only takes approximately 5-10 minutes! So what are you waiting for? Pamper yourself with any product from these best Buy Now Pay Later Sites for bad credit!

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