Buy Now Pay Later No Credit Check Instant Approval No Money Down Companies

As the number of e-commerce transactions increases, there is a need for payment by installments. Not everyone can buy everything in cash. When most payment via installments can only be done by credit card, what about those who don’t have credit cards? This question led to the birth of various fintech (Financial Technology) that provide payment schemes when shopping online. One of which is the Buy Now, Pay Later scheme. And that’s why we came up with a list of companies that offers Buy Now Pay Later no credit check instant approval no money down feature.

What is Buy Now Pay Later?

Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) is a credit card-like payment scheme. Through this scheme, the companies bailout payment of user bills to the merchants. After that, users pay their bills to the companies instead of directly to the merchant. This scheme is considered a quite controversial move at the start of its emergence, were initially buying cash was a pretense, and people were reluctant to use installments. But now, this scheme has been in great demand by many people, especially millennials. Besides, getting pay later services is easy and fast. And the process can be done directly on most smartphones.

we came up with a list of companies that offers Buy Now Pay Later no credit check instant approval no money down feature.

The millennial lifestyle that tends to be consumptive, requires everything to be easy and practical, makes BNPL more desirable. The community is encouraged to be able to fulfill all their wants and needs. These include shopping without having to wait to have enough money, as there is a payment scheme that can realize their desires. But it needs to be emphasized that the community must still be wise in the use and financial management of using the BNPL feature. This is to avoid being caught in debt repayments and late payment penalties.

It can be said that Pay Later has become a popular payment alternative today. Without further ado, let’s take a look at 6 best Buy Now Pay Later no credit check instant approval no money down companies!


AfterPay is a fintech company from Australia which started its operations in 2017. Currently, it has been operating in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. This application was awarded the Best Service Buy Now Pay Later 2019 from the survey conducted by

Why AfterPay is one of the best Buy Now Pay Later no credit check instant approval no money down companies

The advantages offered by AfterPay are no interest fees and registration fees. It’s free to use! This application integrates perfectly with almost all stores with several large merchants that offer AfterPay. That’s in addition to the automatic payment package up to 4 exact installments every 2 weeks. With Afterpay, consumers do not need to worry about credit checking credit because it is not needed. And every activity they make through the app will not affect their credit score.

However, this application has a substantial penalty for late payment. There will be an automatic deduction of 10 USD. And after the next 7 days, the installment is not yet paid, there will be another fine of 7 USD. These late payments will affect users’ ability to use the next Buy Now Pay Later service.

AfterPay loan limit depends on whether the user has linked an Afterpay account to a debit or credit card. If a user links his account to a debit card, the loan limit cannot be more than 500 USD. Linked it to a credit card, you can get a loan up to 1,500 USD.


Sezzle is a public trading financial technology company headquartered in Minneapolis, USA. It operates in the United States and Canada. This company provides an alternative payment platform that offers interest-free installment packages in certain online stores. As of February 2020, the Sezzle platform has more than one million active users and surpasses 10,000 participating merchants.

Why Sezzle is one of the best Buy Now Pay Later no credit check instant approval no money down companies

Customers who make purchases through Sezzle can have 4 installments over the next 6 weeks with no interest. Besides, Sezzle also offers customers the option to reschedule their payments for free. And the maximum fee for late payment is only 10 USD. Sezzle has a limit of 2,500 USD. If it is your first time using Sezzle, likely, you will not be immediately approved for that limit. But as time goes by, the limit for transactions will increase.


Affirm is a private financial technology company headquartered in San Francisco. Founded in 2012, the company operates as a lender for consumers of most merchants. In October 2017, the company launched a consumer application that allows these loans to use on purchases at any retail. The company has also worked with several e-commerce stores and platforms such as Walmart, Amazon Prime, Shopify, BigCommerce, and ZenCart.

Why Affirm is one of the best Buy Now Pay Later no credit check instant approval no money down companies

The limit for loans in Affirm is 17,500 USD. Each financing plan will be adjusted case-by-case to the user’s history of payment activities via Affirm. Benefits for its users include no charge of additional fees for late payment, nor will it take a penalty for early payment. Also, there are no additional fees at the time of the transaction. Users will only pay interest that has been set at the beginning. Interest rates usually range from 0% – 30%. The 0% financing option is only offered in certain stores. Generally, users have up to one year of installments.

Under certain conditions, the users will be asked to pay a down payment of around 10-50% of the price of the item. If this condition occurs and the user refuses to make a down payment, then Affirm cannot accept the purchase. However, this only applies to some products and some retail stores, not all of them. After the user is approved for payment for the product he bought, Affirm will give you 3 options at the checkout. The 3 options are repayment within 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months. After the item is received by the buyer, Affirm will act as a creditor and will send a reminder for the monthly payment.


Quadpay is a fintech company that also offers the Buy Now Pay Later scheme. The Quadpay allows users to make an initial payment of 25% of the original price of the goods purchased, and the remaining can be paid over the next 6 weeks. Even though most of their services apply down payment, QuadPay is still a great alternative to Buy Now Pay Later no credit check instant approval no money down companies you’re looking for.

Why QuadPay is one of the best Buy Now Pay Later no credit check instant approval no money down companies

Users will not be charged interest fees as long as they pay on time. And with an automatic deduction from the registered debit or credit card, users can avoid late payments as long as they make sure there is enough balance for the installments. Credit scores will not be affected as long as users make payments on time. Users can also pay installments early or pay several installments at once, without additional fees. The Users will only pay additional fees in the form of late payment penalties. Users will be charged 7 USD for the first day of late or unpaid payment and an additional 7 USD for the next seven days.

With the convenience provided by QuadPay, registering in this application is relatively simple and easy. However, there are terms and conditions you should meed:

  • living in the US;
  • 18 years old or above and able to sign a contractually binding contract (or 19 yo. for the state of Alabama);
  • Have a valid, verified phone number; and
  • Owns a US credit/debit card.


The SplitIt makes your payments smaller so you can make life bigger’ is the caption displayed on their website. SplitIt, a company based in New York City, began its business expansion in 2016. They offer a Buy Now Pay Later payment scheme with 0% interest and no additional fees for late payments.

Why SplitIt is one of the best Buy Now Pay Later no credit check instant approval no money down companies

Payment features offered by Splitit include: users will not be charged interest on purchases and can choose how many installments per purchase. And with instant approval, the application process takes no time. Installments are taken from existing credit or debit cards and there is no credit check. All you have to do is use an existing credit or debit card limit.

There is one feature that other Buy Now Pay Later service providers do not have. One of SplitIt’s trademarks is the multi-card payment. Users can choose to divide installments over multiple cards if you do not have sufficient balance on one card.


Klarna was founded in Sweden back in 2005. It began to expand to America in 2015. Currently, Klarna has collaborated with 130,000 online merchants in 14 countries, including 3000 Merchants in America. Klarna provides short-term personal loans for one-time shopping transactions.

Why AfterPay is one of the best Buy Now Pay Later no credit check instant approval no money down companies

Klarna offers payment options that can be seen during the checkout process. One of them is ‘try before you buy’. With this option, users can shop online, accept purchases, and try them for 30 days. Within those 30 days, users can choose to return the item or pay the full payment. No interest will be charged!

Klarna provides loans to use on buying products online and repay them monthly. You can opt for 3 to 36 months installments, with a maximum annual percentage rate of 19.99%. Promotional financing options may be available, including interest-free if you pay the balance in full before the expiration date (6 or 12 months). Payment can be made online or through the Klarna application.

Besides, Klarna offers interest-free financing with four installments. The first payment covers 25% of the purchase and is charged to your credit or debit card when your order is processed. While the other three payments will be automatically charged every two weeks.

Pick the best Buy Now Pay Later no credit check instant approval no money down companies now!

Generally speaking, all companies that offer payment schemes are quite easy to use by the whole community. As long as the user pays on time, this scheme is highly useful. Also, it’s important to refrain yourself when using the Buy Now Pay Later scheme. The best way to avoid problems with installments is to maintain sufficient funds to make payments on schedule. Here are some tips to keep you in control when using this service:

  • Set reminders to make payments several days before the due date,
  • Pay installments early if you have enough money,
  • Set clear rules on these payments. Make sure you understand company rules and the terms of the installment,
  • Be realistic. Ask yourself, do you really need the goods? Or are you just tempted by the easy purchase?

The Buy Now Pay Later Payment Scheme is easy to use. This has increasingly attracted the interest of people who do not have credit cards but want to have similar facilities. But keep in mind, the installments paid are still debt and must be repaid. Users must still measure their financial ability to use the Buy Now Pay Later scheme. Do not be complacent and get caught up in consumer behavior which leads to a lot of accumulated debt. Be wise in using the best Buy Now Pay Later no credit check instant approval no money down companies’ services.

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