Buy Now Pay Later Furniture for Bad Credit in 2021

There’s nothing quite like staying home for real comfort. Home can be your sanctuary from the rest of the world. And a fully furnished home not only gives you comfort but also supports your activities. Whether you’ve just moved into a new home, or you need to change and update your existing look, having a house with nice furniture makes your home complete and welcoming. But, how can you afford home furniture, particularly if you’re in financial difficulties or have bad credit? With that in mind, we’re digging into how to buy now pay later furniture for bad credit scores.

What is a Bad Credit Score?

You may not know that you have a bad credit score. You might just miss paying your bills on a credit card or your loan. In general, credit scores are determined by the credit bureau (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion). They compile the score using two models: FICO® Score and VantageScore. These companies calculate your score from data contained in your credit history reports.

The two scoring models have different credit score ranges. You have bad credit if your FICO® Score is between 300 to 579. VantageScore’s score for bad credit sits between 500 and 600, and very poor credit from 300 to 499. Several factors contribute to your credit scores. These include your payment history and also the length of your credit history.


buy now pay later furniture for bad credit

The Factor That Affects Your Credit Scores

Two main factors affect your credit scores: payment history and utilization rate. However, you also need to pay attention to other factors, including the length of credit history, new credit, and more.

Payment history

Your payment history is captured in your credit reports. If you consistently pay your bills and loans on time, it helps your score. While missing a payment will certainly harm your credit score.

Credit utilization

Credit utilization is the amount of available credit you currently use at any one time. If you owe more than your total credit limit, it can lower your credit score. It’s a good idea to try and maintain your usage ratio to around 30% of your total credit limit to keep a good credit score.

Length of credit history

Although not as much of a factor as some of the other criteria, the length of time you’ve had a credit history will also affect your score. The longer you have credit accounts, the better it will be for your credit score.

New credit

When you apply for a new credit account, it can sometimes be seen as an indication that you’re having financial issues. Each application may take a few points off your credit score.

Credit mix

If you have different types of credit, such as credit cards, student loans, car loans, and home mortgages, it can help your credit score.

Filing for bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy is a serious matter and will almost certainly harm your credit score. What’s more, a bankruptcy stays on your record for seven years.

How a Bad Credit Score Can Affect You?

If you have bad credit, it can affect you in several ways, for example, you may not get approval for a loan, or you have to pay a much higher rate of interest.

Difficult to get a new credit

A bad credit score makes it more difficult for you to get a credit card or a loan. Some providers don’t want to take a risk against any potential repayment issues. However, several retailers are now offering to finance to those with bad credit, including buy now pay later furniture for bad credit.

Higher interest rates

Usually, companies that give finance to people with bad credit will charge a higher rate of interest. They know that people with bad credit are at higher risk of defaulting. If you do arrange finance at a higher rate, it can cost you much more than the original loan amount.

Difficult to get a mortgage

Mortgages are very large loans, so most lenders are reluctant to take the risk. Customers with bad credit may default on the payment. Some of them will charge higher interest rates, while others may just simply reject your application.

What Is Buy Now Pay Later Furniture For Bad Credit?

A comfortable home is what we all want, and home furniture can give you just that. However, you might have some financial issues and a poor credit rating. But, do you know it is still possible to get financing, even with poor credit? There are many financing options and various ways you can get furniture with bad credit. These include a personal loan, a credit card, or buy now pay later through furniture stores.

Bad credit furniture financing ensures that nearly everyone can buy furniture for their home. It might be a little more challenging, but can be the best option to furnish your home. Some furniture stores finance people with bad credit, and mostly they don’t require a good score to qualify. You can get weekly, biweekly, or monthly payments of the agreed amounts. So, you could take advantage of this option.

How to Get “Buy Now Pay Later”

If you’re considering buying furniture with bad credit, you can do some research online as to which stores to approach. Each furniture store has different prices and plans. It’s best to check their terms carefully and decide what suits you. Most furniture stores offer a quick agreement procedure and will get your new furniture to you in a short space of time.

You can also apply for credit online. Just go to your preferred online furniture store, sign up, and fill in the online application. You’re required to provide your details, including your full name, some form of government-issued ID, and permanent address. Some stores will also ask your source of income. If you qualify, you will be asked to pay a deposit, and all being well they’ll deliver your furniture. As with any online purchase do make sure that the store is legitimate before sharing any financial information.

Always try to make your repayments within the agreed timeframe. If you can make your payments on time, it gives you a chance to improve your credit score. Bear in mind that you will be paying a higher price for your furniture. Any form of financing with bad credit will increase the APR (annual percentage rate) you pay.

Where You Can Get “Buy Now Pay Later”?

Whether your home has a minimalist, modern, or traditional design, you can get furniture at various furniture stores across the state. In this article, we list reliable furniture stores that will provide finance, even if your credit rating isn’t great. Check this out! If you’re looking for baby furniture, we recommend reading “Buy Now Pay Later Baby Stuff No Credit Check Companies” next!

Luther Sales

If you consider buying furniture and paying later, Luther Sales might be your best option. They offer high quality and a wide selection of products. There are several flexible options for furniture financing plans for people with financial difficulties. You can fill in the application form with your personal detail. Plus, you’ll need to show a regular source of income from at least one year’s permanent employment.

They may require a down payment. Usually, you’ll get an answer to your application within the same day. Luther Sales offers flexible allotment loans with terms up to 36 months with repayment rates varying from state to state. You’ll need to agree to a direct debit or an automatic payment, so there’s no forgetting to make your payments. And this is a good opportunity to improve your credit history.

Once your application is approved, you will receive a Luther Charge Membership Card. It gives you free access to any buy now pay later purchases. Plus, there’s extra warranty protection for your furniture. Luther Sales also offers nationwide shipment and excellent customer service. In summary Luther Sales offer:

  • High quality and a wide selection of products
  • No credit card required
  • Free delivery
  • Easy application and quick approval
  • Budget-friendly with low payments
  • Free extended furniture warranty
  • One of the best companies for Buy Now Pay Later electronic

Ashley Furniture

Ashley Furniture is one of the most popular manufacturers with a worldwide reputation. They’ve been operating for decades, and are now available in 123 countries. And they have more than 6,000 retail partners. Ashley Furniture offers the best designs and a wide range of products, from bedroom sets, sofas, and dining sets among others.

They offer no credit checks and a zero-interest payment plan. It makes Ashley Furniture one of the best buy now pay later furniture for bad credit. You can apply without a credit history, and you could get up to 3,000 USD instant credit. Plus, they offer a quick and easy application process.

Depending on your finances, you can choose from several payment plans, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. What’s more, you don’t need to make any down payment, even if you have bad credit. Ashley also gives you an alternative if you want to lease the furniture. You can use the furniture for some time and pay with an agreed specified time. The key points for Ashley are:

  • Several payments option
  • Decades of experience
  • Wide range and high-quality products
  • No credit checks
  • Zero-interest payment

Elgin Furniture

If you’re looking for a furniture purchase that doesn’t require a down payment, you can try Elgin Furniture. They give you a furniture financing option with affordable monthly payments. And they also offer rent-to-own-program with reasonable terms. So, you can still purchase furniture even with bad credit.

They offer a simple process to get furniture financing. You can go to the website and fill out the application form, then wait for customer service to get in touch with you. You can have up to an 18 months repayment period with an automatic withdrawal. This way, you won’t be late for the payment, and you can improve your credit score. Besides, they won’t charge you for a penalty if you want to pay off early. Main points to consider:

Up to 18 months installment

  • No penalty for early payoff
  • Don’t require a down payment
  • Simple and fast process
  • Automatic payments


FlexShopper is the largest online lease-to-own marketplace that offers financing on thousands of products, including furniture. You can get affordable furniture with weekly payments, even with bad credit. However, you should note that not everyone with bad credit is automatically approved. If you qualify, you can get up to 2,500 USD payable over a 12-month timeframe.

To get this buy now pay later, your income must be at least 1,000 USD a month. You can apply online in minutes, and they will deduct the payments from your bank account. Mostly, there’s no down payment, but they may require a small deposit. And you can change your payment plan from weekly to bi-weekly or monthly by calling their customer support. Key points are:

  • Online application
  • Several payment options (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly)
  • Instant limit
  • Up to 52 weeks installment
  • Automatic deductible

New Lots Furniture

New Lots Furniture has been operating for more than 15 years. They offer the best affordable products to their customer, whether they have good credit, no credit, or even bad credit. They also offer lease or purchase plans with over 95% approval rate and flexible payment plans.

You can apply both in-store or online for this buy now pay later furniture for bad credit financing. They may require you to provide some supporting documents, including a bank statement, valid ID, and proof of income. If your application is approved, you can get up to 5,000 USD credit for up to 24 months payment plan. Please note that they may hold a 40 USD guarantee in your account. It’s refundable within 30 days if you choose not to proceed with the financing. Main points to consider:

  • Bad credit / no credit financing
  • Lease and purchase plans option
  • Available for in-store and online store
  • Up to 5,000 USD credit on a 24-month payment plan

Bob Mills Furniture

Whether you need bad, good, or no credit check furniture financing, Bob Mills Furniture has plans to suit you. They have Acceptance Now, which offers no credit needed. You can get a 90-day payment option for up to 3,000 USD credit limit. Acceptance Now is the best choice if you want to build your credit history since they report to credit bureaus.

There’s also the Progressive No Credit Check or Reporting program. You can get a no-interest 90-day payment option and early buy out the incentive. This lease-to-own purchase program doesn’t report to credit bureaus. With 79 USD initial payment, you can get flexible monthly payments over 12 months. To apply for this program, you need to provide some details. These include a verifiable bank account, credit card information, your ID, and details of two relative references not living with you. Key points are:

  • Flexible payment plan for over 12 months
  • Up to 3,000 USD credit limit
  • No interest for 90-day payment
  • Report and non-report to credit bureaus options

Winner Furniture

Established in 1946, Winner Furniture has been providing the best value of furniture and other home products for almost 75 years. They believe that everyone deserves a fully furnished home, even if your money is limited or your credit rating is bad. Winner Furniture offers to finance for those who have a bankruptcy, bad credit, or those who need to improve credit.

They have flexible monthly payment plans to meet your needs. Most of the time, you’re automatically approved for in-store no-credit financing options. And you can get up to 5,000 USD credit. You can visit their stores, call, or text their contact numbers to learn more about the payment options available. Points to consider are:

  • Flexible payments
  • Automatically approved for in-store
  • Up to 5,000 USD credit
  • Easy process and dedicated staff

Conn’s HomePlus

Conn’s HomePlus is well-known among the best furniture stores that offers buy now pay later furniture no deposit. The company helps you to get quality furniture with many purchase options. These include store credit cards to lease-to-own plans and retail installments.

Before you commit to any of their plans, they will provide you with all the information needed. You can apply for lease-to-own furniture with fast and instant approval. They also offer a flexible 90-day payment option and store credit cards. It allows you to purchase the furniture and pay over-time with some qualification requirements.

  • Instant approval
  • Several payments option
  • Quality furniture

Bob’s Discount Furniture

Bob’s Discount Furniture offers no-credit-needed lease-to-own issued by Acceptance Now. It’s another great way to furnish your home and build your credit history if you have bad credit. And they give a monthly plan that best suits you.

They have stores across the country and also offer nationwide delivery. The application process is straightforward. You can apply for this program by filling in the application form online. You need to provide your personal details, including proof of income and personal references. They may require a deposit for the lease-to-own program. The deposit and APRs are varied. Main points to consider;

  • Monthly payments option
  • Easy process
  • Lease-to-own even for bad credit
  • Stores & delivery across the country

Furniture Mart

Furniture Mart offers three financing options, which are easily accessible online. Special financing gives you up to 72 months payment plan. There’s also no-credit required plans with a lease-to-own option. You can apply easily online with nearly instant approval. Get the 90-day payment option, and you can set your payment match to your payday. Key points are;

  • No credit check
  • Online process & fast approvals
  • Flexible payments option


MDG is an e-commerce company that offers rent-to-own with no credit history. It’s great if you have bad credit or limited finances. They provide brand products and competitive prices. Besides, there are no additional mark-ups. They offer excellent customer service and deliver products nationwide.

You can apply online and get a minimum low payment option. If you apply for the program with credit cards, you’ll get free shipping and become part of the MDG Credit Monitoring Program. Plus, they report to the credit bureau, so you can improve your credit score.

  • No credit history financing
  • Brand products with competitive prices
  • Shipped nationwide

JB’s Furniture

JB’s Furniture is a family-owned and family-operated furniture company that has been in operation since 2004. They have a wide selection of living room, bedroom, dining room sets, and more. The company offers rent-to-own financing for those with bad credit using Snap Finance.

It’s a quick and simple online application, and it takes seconds to get approved. You can get up to 3,000 USD credit limit spread over a 12 month payment period. Plus, they also offer a 100-day payment option.

  • The simple and quick application process
  • Over 12 months of payments option
  • A wide selection of products

Credit Cards for Bad Credit

If you’re looking for buy now pay later furniture no credit check, you can also look at credit card companies offering finance to you. This option allows you to use your money whenever and wherever. Here are some credit cards for those with bad credit.

First Access Visa® Card

Issued by the Bank of Missouri, First Access Visa® Card finances any credit score, even those with bad credit. You can get a 300 USD credit limit (subject to available credit). They also offer an easy and secure online application. Besides, they report to the three major credit companies, which can be great to improve your credit score.

Total Visa® Card

Total Visa® Card offers people with fair, poor, or limited credit fast and easy access to a credit card. Usually, you’ll get a response in second. Once your application is approved, you’ll get a 300 USD credit limit and manageable monthly payments. The card is accepted by merchants nationwide.

Surge Mastercard®

Issued by Celtic Bank, Surge Mastercard® welcomes all applicants with all credit types. They offer a fast and easy application process. Plus, you’ll get free access to VantageScore if you sign up for e-statements.

How to Improve Your Bad Credit Score

You can always find companies or lenders that offer bad credit financing. However, having a good credit score will always be a plus point. Every person has a different reason for having a bad score. Perhaps you forget the due date, or you’re having an emergency. If you want to start to improve your credit score, you can try some tips below:

Pay in full

It’s always recommended to pay your bill in full every month instead of making a minimum payment. If you pay in full, it will reduce your utilization rate.

Pay on-time

It’s necessary to always pay on time. You can try setting up an autopay or set reminders on your calendar to ensure you won’t miss the payments.

Don’t open too many accounts

When you apply for a loan or credit card, an inquiry notice appears on your credit report, whether your application is approved or denied. It will reduce your credit score, which will be reassessed within a few months.

Apply for a personal loan

You can also opt for a personal loan. It typically has a lower interest rate compared to credit cards. You can use the money to pay multiple credit card balances or use it for other purposes in a single monthly payment.


Furniture is essential to make your home comfortable. You need at least a bed and chairs among other furniture, to make your home habitable. There are various ways you can buy now pay later furniture for bad credit. You have choices for furniture financing, including in-store, online store, or a credit card company.

Mostly they allow you to buy something immediately but pay it for later. Start furnishing your home the way you want and get some rest in affordable comfort in your bed or in on a new sofa. However, keep in mind that many furniture stores or retailers may charge higher interest rates. So, choose and shop wisely!

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