Top 5 Buy Here Pay Here Dealerships in Scranton PA

When it comes to purchasing cars, there are more options than just buying in cash. Banks and credit unions can help finance your purchase. But, if you can’t get a car loan from them, there is another place you can go to. After all, not everyone has great credit scores! This is where a buy here pay here dealership can help you. To help you find one and buy your dream car, we have also reviewed some of the best Buy Here Pay Here Scranton PA has to offer.

What is Buy Here Pay Here?

Buy Here Pay Here (or BHPH) is an alternative to car loans from banks and credit unions. In this case, the dealership is the “bank” from where you get the loan. So you get both the car, and the loan from the dealer. But you also need to know that sometimes they do not use the term buy here pay here. Some advertise with slogans like “on the spot financing” or “we finance”. Another one is “no credit, no problem”.

So if you see those phrases in your local dealership, then it offers to buy here pay here service. There are many of them can be found in the US, some of our best reviews come from buy here pay here in Paducah, Kentucky, and all the way to Aiken, South Carolina. Where can you find this offer in Scranton? Let’s take a look at the top 5 companies!

Montage Motors

2641 Pittston Ave, Scranton, PA

When buying a car, it would be best to look at all the available options in the market. Montage Motors is one of the biggest dealerships in Scranton, PA. Its inventory ranges from used and new cars, with a wide variety of years and brands. From BMW to Chevrolet and Buick, there is something for everyone.

If you visit their website, you can check out all the cars in their inventory. It will be very useful if you cannot come directly or want to look around before your visit. There are a picture gallery and a virtual showroom too. So, you can choose the best car for you without even leaving the house! When you have decided, you can give them a call or directly visit the lot to make your purchase.

Nunzi’s Auto Sales and Service

1328 North Keyser Ave, Scranton, PA

Nunzi’s Auto Sales and Service is a family-owned business that has operated for 35 years. The dealership has a wide range of cars in their inventory. Not only city cars, but they also have coupe Chevrolet, 4WD Ford, and even trucks. The prices are also competitive compared to another buy here pay here Scranton PA has to offer.

To make the buying process easier, the website is complete with a Loan Calculator. You can also apply online for the financing, and their team will help you out with it. The dealership also offers instant registration, tags, and a fast title notary. So when you buy a car from Nunzi’s Auto, it is more of a full-service experience.

Moletsky’s Auto Sales

626 W. Lackawanna Ave, Scranton, PA

Moletsky’s Auto Sales is one of the bigger dealerships in Scranton. The dealership claims to give fair prices for cars in their inventory. Their showroom includes trucks, SUVs, and other types of used cars that you can also take for a test drive. If you want something with more impact, check out their special cars section.

But of course, no dealership will have every car in the world. If you already have something in mind but cannot find it, they can also help. Rather than coming to the lot directly, check the inventory to make sure about the availability. If you’re sure that they don’t have it, you can use the car locator service. With that, the staff can help you find your dream car.

Blacktie Auto Group

1230 N Keyser Ave, Scranton, PA

Another buy here pay here in Scranton PA that we recommend is the Blacktie Auto Group. Not only American made cars, Hyundai, Honda, and Toyota cars are also available. But of course, the inventory changes as more cars come in and are bought. But, if you already know what you want, then it’s much easier! If it is not yet available on the lot, you can also ask the dealership to find one for you. For this, you can call them, or fill out the form on their website.

Blacktie Auto Group doesn’t only finance buyers with low or bad credit scores. You can also bring your old car, and trade it in for a new one. That way, you will spend less on your new car! If this is what you want to do, then head over to their lot. Or, you can go to their website. The website has an information form that you can fill out before you drive and exchange your old car for a new one.

CK Car Connection

1623 Keyser Ave, Scranton, PA

With their experience, CK Car Connection has received various praises for their services. Not only that, but this dealership also offers a range of second-hand cars – from under $10,000 to $15,000-20,000, and even higher than $30,000. This makes it a lot easier for buyers who have a specific price range in mind.

This dealer is definitely recommended for buyers who have bad or low credit scores. Because the dealership mentions guaranteed credit approval. To make it even easier for you, check out their full inventory on the website. After you decide on the car, you can directly apply for financing. You can also use the credit calculator to see how much and how long you need to pay the loan. Not only financing, but notary service is also available at CK Car Connection.


Buying cars, while necessary, is not the easiest thing. Especially when you have no credit score, or just happen to have a bad one. That’s why buy here pay here dealerships exist. They remove all the worries about not being able to get car loans from banks. But, the buy here pay here financing system is not everyone’s last option for any reason. You will need to be very careful and mind the interest rates. After all, it is a risky business for the dealerships, too. In the end, you will need to make the choice. Which is the best buy here pay here Scranton PA for you?

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