The 5 Best Dealerships Provide Buy Here Pay Here In Marion Ohio

A buy here pay here (BHPH) dealership is usually everyone’s best last resort when it comes to purchasing a car. Most of us would simply opt for traditional lenders such as banks and credit unions. But then not everyone has the same resource to maintain their credit record spotlessly or keeping their credit scores high. This is when buy here pay here dealerships come in handy. If you’re looking for buy here pay here Marion Ohio, here’s a little guide for it.

What is buy here pay here?

Before we go on to the list, a little explanation on BHPH would give you a thing or two about what kind of financing system it is. To put it simply, buy here pay here is a one-stop shopping process where the car dealership also acts as the financing company. If you’re getting trouble getting a loan from traditional lenders, or you want to stop paying credit card debt, you can easily find the nearest car lot that offers buy here pay here financing in your town.

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List of buy here pay here Marion Ohio

Here we have 5 car dealerships that provide buy here pay here in Marion, Ohio. Check them out!

Mathews Auto Group

Sometimes, when you’re looking for a new ride in a car shop, too many choices can overwhelm you. And what makes Mathews Auto Group different from other car shops in this list is it has at least 4 different shops of buy here pay here Marion Ohio. Each shop sells cars from specific brands and this helps you narrow down your choices according to the brand. Especially if you’re a fan of it.

This family-owned company has been around since 1949. Each shop provides both new and used cars at a rather competitive price. Some websites also provide information on what you can do if you want to purchase a new car but you have a bad credit score.

Mathews Hyundai Marion
1793 Marion-Mt Gilead Rd, Marion, OH 43302,

Mathews Ford Marion
1155 Delaware Ave, Marion, OH 43302

Mathews Honda/Acura Marion
1127 Delaware Ave, Marion, OH 43302

Mathews Dodge Chrysler Jeep Inc
1866 Marion-Waldo Rd, Marion, OH 43302

Cash for Cars LLC Marion

1185 S Prospect St, Marion, OH 43302

Some buy here pay here car dealerships have provided an easy way to apply for credit. Not only are you able to find their full inventory from the website, but it’s also where you can apply for credit application. Such easy and hassle-free access made Cash for Cars LLC Marion is one of the best dealerships you can find in Marion, Ohio.

Their clear inventory on the website also serves as a clear guide on searching for your desired ride. Search based on makes, mileage, or price, the choice is all yours! And even if you don’t find it, they can help you out since the company is connected to a large network of industry throughout the country. If you’re someone with 2 years of residency in the US, there’s a high chance your credit will be approved.

Sprinkle’s Auto Sales

469 W Center St, Marion, OH 43302

If you’re looking for a place where they got all kinds of cars, from Toyota to MINI, Sprinkle’s Auto Sales is the right place for that. This local buy here pay here boutique is a family-owned company. And they provide very specific cars to buy and sell from; low mileage, unique color combinations, high levels of equipment, and rare options. That would explain why you could probably find a MINI Cooper here!

As for financing, customers can fill out the form from the web which makes it easier for everyone. Although we have to let you know that the web doesn’t really provide the entire car inventory. If it’s all they have, that means the shop has a limited number of inventories. All in all, the place is where you can find vehicles with good value for money.

Midwest Auto Group LLC

1443 N Main St, Marion, OH 43302

Trust is the most important thing in this industry. In Midwest Auto Group LLC, each car is equipped with a CARFAX vehicle history report for everyone’s convenience. Something you don’t find in another buy here pay here Marion Ohio car dealerships. With a variety of car choices offered on their lot, your experience would be more comfortable if you do a little research on their website beforehand.

Some of the customers have turned loyal to this dealership. One of the reasons is probably because of their professionalism. Another thing comes from when you purchase your vehicle here, mechanical service is also provided for customers. But still, we suggest you be cautious before proceeding with a purchase.

McDaniel GM Superstore

1065 Mt Vernon Ave, Marion, OH 43302

The number of years a dealership has been operating can say a lot about the company. If you’re more comfortable with such a fact, head over to McDaniel GM Superstore. This family-owned business has been around since 1916. They claim to don’t “discriminate based on credit score” as they welcome every customer who’s interested in applying for a loan. They also claim to be able to provide a loan with a lower interest than the bank. But of course, everything depends on your profile.

Applying for finance with this buy here pay here car dealership is quick and easy. You just have to access their website and fill out some forms. If you’re confident with your profile, there’s a high chance that your load will be approved. It doesn’t matter if your credit issues are about bankruptcy, foreclosure, or even behind on payments. You can find both new and used cars from this dealership.


Of course, buy here pay here financing system doesn’t come with flying colors. There are also downsides to using one provider. One of them is that the lenders will be more interested in giving you the loan than selling you a car. This could mean that buyers are left with a limited choice of cars. Apart from it, it’s a high-risk borrowing system so it usually comes with a high-interest rate. With this risk in mind, it’s time to choose the best buy here pay here Marion Ohio has to offer you.

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