Top 6 Car Dealerships with Buy Here Pay Here in Macon GA

Walking into a car dealership may give you that pit-a-pat, worrying feeling whether or not you are qualified to purchase a car. Moreover, if you have bad, low, or even no credit at all! Not to mention the pressure that sometimes customers get from the prying eyes of the sales. It’s a disaster if you end up getting something that you didn’t want. But that feeling is not necessary if you go to the best buy here pay here Macon GA dealerships.

These dealerships offer the opportunity to get you qualified, no matter what your credit score is. They aim to make car purchasing easy and affordable especially to people with bad credit. They can arrange a payment plan that suits you the most for the car of your choice. Some of them even offer additional deals and services like a warranty and vehicle shipping service! With such benefits, no wonder buy here pay here dealership is becoming people’s favorite place to buy a car.

Finding Buy Here Pay Here Dealers in Macon, Georgia

In this modern era, everything is on the internet. You don’t need to flip through the yellow pages only to find their contact and address. Search the keyword and they will give you just that. You can also ask your friends and family for recommendations. Look around the neighborhood, who knows you have passed one of them on your way to work.

Do research on the dealerships you found and don’t forget to read the reviews. Sometimes customers’ reviews are more helpful than the information they put up on their website!

Buy Here Pay Here in Macon GA

Buy Here Pay Here Macon GA Recommendations

Yes, everything is on the internet. But we know it’s kind of a hassle to look for trustworthy buy here pay here dealerships. So we have done you a favor by listing down some of them! In case you’re interested, we also have listed the best buy here pay here in Marietta and in Jonesboro.

Car-Mart of Macon

1711 Key Street

Macon GA 31204
(478) 785-9941

Car-Mart has more than 140 locations in the U.S. 9 of them are in Georgia, including Macon. Looking at the customers’ reviews, Car-Mart seems to be a very convenient buy here pay here dealer. The friendly staffs really help you to shop, purchase, finance, and make payments smoothly. They can arrange an affordable payment plan that suits each customer. The cars they have, although used, are in good condition. Some of them are even low in mileage!

They also offer Buyer’s Protection Plan. It’s a 9,000 miles/9 months warranty that covers most major mechanical failures! If something goes wrong with your car within the first 9,000 miles or 9 months of usage, you can go to Car-Mart to claim the warranty. Another great offer they have is the Payment Protection Plan. It’s a cancellation of your remaining debt in case of a severe accident or stolen car.

U.S Auto Sales – Macon

2086 Paul Walsh Dr
Macon GA 31206
(478) 257-3697

The next buy here pay here dealer you might want to visit is U.S Auto Sales. They have 30 stores in the southeastern area of the United States. They are open to people with bad credit through pre-qualification screening, both online and in stores. And if you pass the pre-qualification, you may choose to have your car shipped to you! But don’t worry too much about the screening, they are committed to helping you to get a great deal. They also prioritize a hassle-free car buying experience. They attempt to complete the paperwork within 90 minutes or you will get $300 off of your car purchase.

Having no vehicle to take you to the store? U.S Auto Sales got you covered. With their Your Ride to Drive program, their licensed driver will pick you up and take you to the nearest store (within 30-miles). With a great price point and top service, they also only sell quality vehicles. They even offer a warranty for the first 30 days or 1,000 miles without any additional fee!

DriveTime Used Cars

3960 Riverside Dr
Macon GA 31210
(478) 738-6400

DriveTime wants to make your car buying experience a good one. They strive to give you an easy and friendly process of purchasing a car. From the moment you step into the store until you drive their car home, they put you in control of buying your own car. And they accept all credit score! It doesn’t matter if you have no credit at all, they can still help you to purchase a vehicle.

They customize the down payment based on the vehicle choice and the customer’s financial condition. But you might want to know the estimated down payment before you make an appointment. You can get that information by filling out the form on their website. After you fill it out you will get an instant credit decision and see your down payment online. That way you can avoid any unnecessary surprise when you shop!

All of their vehicles include a 30-day warranty at no extra cost. If there is an issue with your car within 30 days of purchase, they will fix it for you. They also offer DriveCare, an additional protection plan that covers up to 5 years or 50,000 miles.

Import Auto Mall

2530 Riverside Drive
Macon GA 31204
(478) 746-3258

Many customers have shared their pleasant experience with Import Auto Mall. A lot of them mentioned friendly and responsive staff. They respond quickly even to email inquiries! Quality-wise, their cars are in good condition with competitive price. They understand customers’ concerns about bad credit so they will assist you in financing until you get the best deal.

The payment process is super-fast. A customer only took less than an hour to complete their payment! For an even faster process, you can also apply for credit in advance through their website. It’s a secured server connection, but if you hesitate you can always call them and make an appointment!

Not finding your desired car? You can send a request to them! There is a Vehicle Request page on their website. Here you can fill out the form and tell them what kind of vehicle you are looking for. They work with several wholesalers in the United States so they will do their best to find your dream car. They have been in the market since 1997. It’s long enough for you to trust them when it comes to choosing the best buy here pay here Macon GA dealership.

HRM Auto Sales Inc

895 3rd St
Macon GA 31201
(478) 746-0222

HRM Auto Sales Inc has a very nice selection of cars and they are mostly in good condition. It’s in their policy that they don’t put up cars for sale unless all the necessary repairs have been done. HRM Auto Sales Inc would fully disclose the condition of the car that you choose before you agree to make a payment. And for that quality, the price is very reasonable.

They can do the financing according to your budget, but it would be better to have at least $1,500 for a down payment. The transaction is easy and fast. They also offer a shipping service so you can just chill on your couch. The next thing you know, your new car is already there in your driveway!

Motorworks of Macon

3086 Mercer University Dr
Macon GA 31204
(478) 238-1140

Motorworks of Macon is a part of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an A+ rating. They specialize in affordable late models, from compact, midsize, to trucks and crossovers. They accept all credit applications. People with bad credit may apply and will have the chance to own their dream car!

You need to complete a Credit Application first and they will assist you in financing. Based on that, some customers will need cash down and some do not. But don’t worry! They understand that their customers have different credit and they will try to make it work out for you.

The cars purchased from Motorworks come with a Standard Limited Dealer Warranty. But they also have other additional warranty protection if you feel it’s necessary. Not only do they sell cars but they also have service centers. So they mostly understand about car mechanics and parts. Don’t hesitate to ask them about the condition of your desired car before you make any purchase!


We completely understand that it’s not easy to walk into a car dealership with confidence, even more, if you have bad credit. That’s why buy here pay here Macon GA is the deal. Above are some dealerships you can find in Macon, Georgia. They are the ones to go to if you are looking for quality vehicles with affordable price and suitable payment plan. They can give you the opportunity despite your credit score. Some of the dealers can even help you build your credit for future use. But there are things you need to keep in mind before purchasing a car.

Check the car’s condition and ask the sales to disclose everything to you if necessary. Make sure whether there’s a warranty if something wrong happens to your car in the near future, and what items they cover. The most important thing is, read the agreement before you put your signature on that paper!

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