The 10 Best Cell Phone For Seniors With Dementia in 2020

Nowadays, cell phone comes with so much complex and advanced technology. For some people, these features can enhance their life. On the other hand, seniors may have difficulty using the phone effectively. They require different types of cell phones, especially seniors affected by dementia. Dementia disease causes memory loss problems, such as forgetting people’s, names, and numbers, which can hamper their daily activities. Also, they may become confused and have a problem when using the phone, especially a smartphone. Consequently, they need the best cell phone for seniors with dementia.

Dementia Confusion with Cell Phone

If you have seniors with dementia, they may have some confusion about using the phone. Therefore, you need to provide them with the best cell phone and possibly the best yet cheapest cell phone plans for seniors. Before doing so, you may want to check this information should they encounter problems when using a cell phone.

Check their phone bills

If you want to know whether your senior with dementia has unusual phone activity, you can check and monitor their phone bill. It can reveal the early signs of having a problem with cell phone use. Not remembering making calls, accepting calls from unknown people, or long-distance calls that don’t make sense, are some of the first signs.

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Block certain incoming and outgoing calls

If your senior with dementia live alone, they can be vulnerable to fraud. You can contact the phone company to block calls, such as from the telemarketer and sales representatives. And you can block calls that could cause them an issue.

best cell phone for seniors with dementia

Things to Consider before Choosing Cell Phone for seniors with Dementia

Having a cell phone for seniors with dementia is extremely important. It’s a way to ensure their safety if they encounter problems. Some of the main problems that come with seniors with dementia are memory loss, slow senses, numbing of the senses, and more. Before buying the best cell phone for seniors with dementia for your loved ones, there are a lot of things to consider. Here are some of them.

Type of Cell Phone

You have two cell phone options for seniors, a basic phone, or a smartphone. There are lots of choices of basic cell phones for seniors with dementia. However, the choice is much more limited when it comes to smartphones. We recommend a basic phone as the multiple functionalities of a smartphone may just confuse them further. You can choose a classic flip phone or a standard bar phone.

Cell Phone Functions/Features

Most high-end cell phones are a bit complex to handle with many unwanted features, especially for seniors with dementia. Choosing the best cell phone with practical and useful features will help your loved ones. You might need to consider a cell phone with features, such as the SOS button, voice assistance, visible and big buttons, and a backlit keypad. These features will help them if they want to contact their loved ones or alert emergency services.

Monitoring Service

Sometimes seniors with dementia might have gotten lost. It may not be possible for you to monitor them all the time. So, providing a cell phone with a monitoring service on the phone is important. Cell phones with a monitoring service can track the device’s location, conversations over the phone, and internet usage. Usually, you need to pay a small amount for this service, it’s always best to get this service from your trusted provider.

Battery Capacity

Seniors with dementia may forget to charge their phones. Therefore, buying a phone with high battery-capacity is important. In the worst-case scenario and they do get lost, having a phone with reliable battery life is a big help. You can try calling the phone or use a GPS-tracking system to locate your loved ones.

Connectivity and Type of Plan

Another thing you need to consider when buying the best cell phone for seniors with dementia is network coverage. It’s essential to have a strong reception signal, with a wide coverage area, and support for international roaming. A phone with multiple networks can also be an option, as it gives you increased flexibility. We recommend some of the best cell phone plans for seniors from AT&T.

Damage Protection

You may want to consider buying a cell phone that has damage protection. There’s a chance they may forget where they left their phones, and it can get accidentally damaged.
So, you’ll need a cell phone made from sturdy materials, such as polycarbonate. It has high-temperature resistance, which prevents the cell phone from overheating. Impact resistance cell phones are also a good choice.


There are lots of cell phones designed specifically for the elderly and come with various price ranges depending on the features. Obviously, the more features a cell phone has, the higher the cost. Cell phones for seniors with dementia should be simple, affordable, and sturdy.

Best Cell Phone for seniors with Dementia

As seniors with dementia can experience confusion using cell phones, you really need a simple yet sturdy device. If you’re looking for a cell phone for your aged mother, father, or your loved ones, here is a list of the best phones for seniors with dementia.

Snapfon ezTWO 3

Snapfon ezTWO 3 is specifically designed and perfect for seniors with dementia. It has special features, including SOS-Plus Mobile Monitoring Service that offers SOS Emergency Alert. You can push the SOS button in the event of an emergency, and it will send alerts to 5 emergency contact numbers by text and pre-recorded voice message.

There’s also an Emergency Speaker Phone and Loud 120 dB Siren option that can alert those close-by to an emergency situation. The company offers the ezProtected Handset Replacement Program. They let you receive up to two handsets per year, in case your cell phone is damaged. It covers water damage, dropping, and most things, but doesn’t include a replacement for lost or stolen handsets.

The device offers some other useful features, including a keypad lock slide switch. It helps seniors with dementia avoid making accidental calls while the lock is activated. However, they still can receive a call while it’s in the locked mode. Another great feature is voice-activated dialing that allows seniors to say the number they want to call. The phone will then automatically dial the number. It helps in making a call super easy.

There are other features like a low battery warning indicator and hearing aid support. And you can adjust the volume from its side rocker. The company offers a 30-day no-risk trial for new customers.

Jitterbug Flip

Thoughtfully made for elder people, the Jitterbug Flip can be great for seniors with dementia. This cell phone offers two big Yes and No navigation buttons that will help seniors to use the phone easily. It features large, legible numbers for an effortless dial and a widescreen.

This clamshell phone also features a built-in camera with a flash and a powerful speaker. More importantly, there are no long-term contracts or cancelation fees if you stop using the phone. Plus, the phone can track current phone numbers. On top of that, this cell phone has an emergency one-touch 5-star button, so you can summon support quickly and easily.

Raz Memory Cell Phone

Raz Memory Cell Phone is the best cell phone for seniors with dementia you could have. This easy to use picture phone offers a range of excellent features. The focus is very much on the simplicity of use. The cell phone features a one-touch dial. So, seniors can make calls by touching the picture of the person they wish to call. It can display up to six pictures of contacts, where the contact names are shown below pictures. When the phone rings, a big “Answer” with green color and “Hang Up” with red color buttons will appear. And the volume rocker is disabled to keep the volume always on maximum.

As seniors with dementia can become confused about anything, they will not have to remember a passcode. The home screen is always on and never locked. You can also limit the calls to incoming only. What’s important is this phone has a location tracking feature, which updates every fifteen minutes. So, you can monitor your seniors without disturbing their privacy. On top of that, if an emergency should arise, seniors with dementia won’t need to use the keypad to call 911. There’s a dedicated 911 emergency services button that seniors simply press and hold.

Easyfone Prime A4

If you’re looking for the best cell phone for your seniors with dementia that is easy to operate, you can choose the Easyfone Prime A4. It has excellent features, including GPS positioning and an SOS button. They can press the button, and it will send a message with their GPS location to an emergency contact in the event of an emergency. Up to 5 emergency contacts can be listed.

The big keypad with speed dial can be set up as a family quick dial to make calling easier. This classic flip design cell phone is equipped with a large display. Plus, the powerful speaker ensures every conversation is loud and clear. This phone is also hearing aid compatible. You get a dock charger with every purchase, so your seniors can charge the phone easily. They just have to place the cell phone on the charging stand. You can also save pictures on the contact number, so your seniors with dementia can see who’s calling by their picture.

Jethro SC435

Jethro slider cell phone comes with a convenient dock, which is good for seniors with dementia to charge it easily and quickly. It offers simple navigation and a large (2.4 inch) black and white LCD screen. The oversized buttons make it easier for the seniors to see, read, and make phone calls. Plus, there’s a unique speaking keypad voice feature. It allows you to text by speaking into the phone, with the message appearing on the screen.

Jethro also has an SOS button on the back of the phone that can help seniors in emergency situations. When the SOS button is pressed, it will automatically dial six contacts and send them an SOS message. The phone has a caller’s picture display once you’ve set the picture. Besides, this cell phone also features a loudspeaker and talk volume, a 2-megapixel camera, Bluetooth, speed dial, M1, and M2 direct dial. This cell phone supports 16 languages, including English, French, Spanish, and more.

Emporia Solid Plus V33i

Featuring dust, thermal shock, vibration, and water-resistance, the Emporia Solid Plus V33i can be the best cell phone for seniors with dementia. No more worries about accidental damage with this model. The Emporia Solid Plus V33i offers basic voice and text-only options. This sturdy yet lightweight cell phone has an easy to use operating system with extra-large buttons.

It features an SOS button that will notify key contacts and the emergency services, should the need arise, by way of text and phone call. The 1750-mAh Li-ion battery provides up to 5 hours of talk time. Other features include Bluetooth and flashlight. Plus, it’s compatible with most hearing aid devices currently available in the market. You should keep in mind that this cell phone does not work with the CDMA networks.

Volwco Seniors Cell Phone

Volwco Seniors Cell Phone is definitely a cell phone you need to think about for your seniors with dementia. This flip cell phone has bigger buttons and larger fonts, making it simple and easy to use. it’s flip design also means it can be kept handy at all times.

The cell phone has an important SOS button feature for emergencies. The external display will help seniors to see when there’s an incoming call. Seniors with impaired hearing will have no issues thanks to its excellent call quality. They also may enjoy the entertainment using its FM radio or mp3/mp4.

Mosthink Uniwa

Another good cell phone for seniors with dementia featuring SOS speed dial is the Mosthink Uniwa. When the SOS button is pressed, it will call and send messages to up to five contacts including the emergency services. It features a host of useful functions, including widely separated buttons and a great display. Making it’s easy to see and operates. Plus, it has a backlit keypad that makes the buttons visible at night and one key to unlock the keypad at the side of the phone.

To help seniors walk in the night, there’s a quick switch for the flashlight on the top right of the phone. Besides, this cell phone features a powerful loudspeaker and ringer volume. So, they can hear more clearly. The 1400mAh battery delivers up to 6 hours of talk time and 10 hours standby. It comes with a charging dock for easy charging. Unfortunately, this cell phone is less flexible than other options. It’s only compatible with 2G and 3G AT&T and its affiliated carriers.

Alcatel Quickflip

Alcatel Quickflip is a compact flip cell phone that is perfect for screen protection. It has features to help seniors with dementia, including a large display and large keypad. These features can help seniors use the phone more easily and conveniently. Plus, this lightweight cell phone is equipped with a crystal-clear HD voice system for amazing call quality. Your calls sound clearer with less background noise and distortion, which can be very helpful for those with hearing problems.

Besides, this flip phone is also hearing aid compatible with M4 and T4 rated devices. The external color screen features date and time. Other features including a 2MP camera, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, micro-USB, and 1350mAh battery. The cell phone supports 4G LTE.


If your loved one has mild dementia, you’ll probably want to get BLU JOY for them. This easy to use phone features a built-in SOS button. So, seniors with dementia can easily gain access to emergency assistance at the press of a button. Plus, it has a large-screen display and a large keypad. The leather pattern on the battery cover provides a sophisticated look with easy handling.

Entertainment can be enjoyed by listening to their favorite music from its FM Radio or MP3 player. There are also additional features, including an MP4 player and Bluetooth. Plus, a built-in flashlight that can help in dark environments. Unfortunately, this dual sim cell phone only works in the 2G network.


With so many features available, seniors who struggle with memory issues can find cell phones hard to use. If they have early-stage dementia, using a cell phone is quite often not such a challenge. But as the disease progresses, you may encounter more issues. As a result, they need an easy to use a cell phone that will enable them to stay connected with their loved ones.

To get the best cell phone for seniors with dementia Verizon, you should consider some of these features; large buttons and display, long-lasting battery, easy access SOS button, and loud volume. Picture calling and hearing aid compatibility can be a bonus as difficultly remembering numbers and hearing issues can be a problem. A sturdy cell phone is also worth considering as it may get accidentally dropped from time to time.

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