AT&T Cell Phone Plans For Seniors

Cell phone providers offer a wide range of cell phone plans for their customer to suit their needs. Some of those plans cover unlimited data plans, which may not be suitable for seniors. Thus, most providers in the United States provide a different set of senior plans, including all four major cell phone providers in the United States: AT&T, Sprints, T-Mobile, and Verizon. If you are a senior or you live with seniors older than 55, you can get cell phone plans that suit your particular needs. With AT&T cell phone plans for seniors, you can customize the plan you really need and get less expensive prices.

How to Choose AT&T Cell Phone Plans For Seniors

Before you choose your preferred plan, there are things you may want to consider.

Check the Coverage Areas

AT&T covers most of the United States and hasn’t had any significant coverage issues for the past years. However, if you’re looking for an AT&T cell phone plan for seniors that includes internet connectivity, you need to check the coverage in your place. AT&T provides internet access in 21 states, including:

North Carolina
South Carolina

Choose The Plan You Really Need

If you only want to have a basic plan for texting and calling, don’t sign up for the latest smartphone plan. Otherwise, you’ll pay more than you need.


AT&T offers a variety of ways for seniors to use their phones and plans. They try to meet each senior’s different needs. You can expect them to give you the best service with the plan you choose.

AT&T Cell Phone Plans For Seniors

As one of the four major cell phone carriers, currently, AT&T offers two senior plans. These include the AT&T Senior Nation plan, a cell phone plan for seniors over 65 years old. And the second one is AT&T Unlimited 55+, for people over the age of 55. And if you’re a member of the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), you’ll get a discount on the AT&T cell phone service charges. The company also offers AT&T Lifeline for those qualified to get discounted phone or internet services.

AT&T cell phone plans for seniors

Whether you need a data plan or only a basic plan, AT&T ensures you stay connected with your loved ones and friends. Check the plans for seniors below before you choose your AT&T cell phone plan.

AT&T Senior Nation Plan

Specifically designed for senior citizens of 65-years old and above, the AT&T Senior Nation Plan helps seniors stay connected with their family and friends. It’s a good option for seniors who don’t need internet connectivity for only 29.99 USD/month. The AT&T Senior Nation Plan works only with basic mobile phones, not smartphones.

The plan is easy to use and offers 200 anytime minutes talk. You can call your friends or family across the country using these minutes. Plus, you’ll get 500 minutes to use off-peak night and during the weekend. So, you can have a chat with your grandkids or your friend every weekend. You can use these minutes from Monday to Friday from 09.00 PM to 5.59 AM. The minutes also apply from 09.00 PM on Friday to 5.59 AM on Monday.

As an AT&T customer, you’ll also get unlimited mobile to mobile minutes. You can call anyone who has AT&T mobile service across the United States for free! And mobile to mobile calls doesn’t use up any of the minutes you have. It’s perfect if you have friends and family using the AT&T mobile service.

The feature also includes nationwide long-distance and roaming coverage. If you’re traveling within the country, you don’t need to worry about where you can call. There’s also a voicemail feature if you miss any calls. The plan is not available online, so you need to go to AT&T store or call their customer service to sign up for this plan.

AT&T Senior Nation Plan doesn’t offer a data plan. However, the company offers discounts on smartphones if seniors wish to upgrade, so they can use the internet.

The AT&T Senior Plan Price & Features

29.99 USD per month
0.45 USD/minutes for an additional charge if you over the minutes

200 anytime minutes
500 minutes at night (starting at 09.00 PM until 05.59 AM)
Unlimited mobile to mobile talk time

The AT&T Senior Plan charges you 0.2 USD per text message, 0.3 USD per multimedia (video/picture) message. You can get unlimited text messages for 20 USD/month. And if you need international messaging plans, it starts at 10 USD/month.

Other Features:
Roaming coverage
Long-distance call
Voice mail
Call forwarding & Call Waiting
Call conference
Caller ID

AT&T Unlimited 55+

AT&T also offers AT&T Unlimited 55+, a new unlimited cell phone plan for seniors who are 55 years of age or above. The plan works for both basic and smartphone users. However, this plan is currently only available for Florida residents and supports up to two basic phones or smartphones. It offers unlimited text, talk, and data for 60 USD/per month for one line and 80 USD/month for two lines. The price for AT&T Unlimited 55+ doesn’t include taxes and fees.

To be eligible for this plan, the account holder should be 55 years old or over. And you have to reside in the state of Florida. It’s not available online. So, it does mean a visit to your local AT&T store to verify your age and check your address to get this plan.

You’ll get one line for 60 USD per month (the standard monthly plan price is 75 USD) and two lines for 80 USD per month after enrolling for autopay and paperless bill discount. Stay connected with your community, long lost friends, and family using unlimited talk time and texts across the United States. There are no restriction hours. So, you can make a call anytime you want. If you’re traveling to Mexico and Canada on your retirement, you can also use text and make calls to stay in touch with the folks back home.

You won’t miss your grandkids’ birthday while you’re traveling. Unlimited data allows you to do video calls or live streaming. You can even play games while you’re waiting at the airport! Sometimes when the network is busy, your data speeds may be temporarily slowed.

The AT& Unlimited 55+ Price & Features

60 USD/month for 1 line
80 USD/month for 2 lines

Unlimited text, talk, and data in the United States, Mexico, and Canada
Free texting to 120 countries and more

What You Need to Know

The pricing doesn’t include taxes and fees

  • You’ll get the discount within 2 billing cycles. So, you need to pay the full plan standard charges and device access charges at first
  • The AT&T Unlimited 55+ doesn’t include hotspots
  • You’ll lose your plan discount if you move and your billing address is no longer in Florida
  • You can’t combine this plan with any other rate plan, such as Military or AARP

AT&T AARP Discount

Seniors can save some money if you’re an AARP member. You can get a 10% discount off per phone line on the AT&T Unlimited Elite™ wireless plan. Plus, you can save up to 45 USD on activation and upgrade fees and get 15% off for selected cell phone accessories.

If you’re an existing customer, you can enroll directly to get the AT&T AARP discount. For a new AT&T customer, you’ll be directed to the AT&T website to make your plan purchase, then you’ll automatically be enrolled. Or you can visit the nearest AT&T store. You’ll get your discount within two billing cycles. The AT&T Unlimited Elite™ plan is priced at 85 USD per month for one line after you sign up for autopay and paperless billing. Taxes and fees are excluded from this price.

The plan is perfect for seniors who are looking for unlimited data. You’ll get 5G at no extra cost, unlimited talk, text, and data, plus 100GB of Premium Data. You should know that your data speeds may temporarily slow after 100GB. The plan also features unlimited text and talk in Mexico and Canada, so you can contact your family and friends when you’re traveling. There’s also unlimited text to more than 120 countries and a 30GB hotspot per line. If you’re a movie buff, you’ll love the HBO Max™ feature.

AT&T Family Plan

AT&T has a family plan that allows adding extra lines to reduce costs. It’s a good option to consider for seniors who use smartphones. The price will be more affordable, and you can save more money. You can choose the AT&T Unlimited StarterSM family plan, the AT&T lowest-priced unlimited plan. With four lines and discounts with paperless billing and autopay, you can get unlimited talk, text, and data for 35 USD/month for each line. However, taxes and fees are not included.

The AT&T Unlimited StarterSM also offers 5G access, unlimited calls, and texts in Canada and Mexico. Plus, you can text from the United States to over 120 countries. When the network is busy, your data speeds may temporarily slow down.

AT&T Lifeline

Another option for AT&T cell phone plans for seniors is AT&T Lifeline. If you’re a senior who participates in one of several federal assistance programs, such as Medicaid or Veterans Pension and Survivors Benefit, you can apply for the Lifeline program.

If you qualify, you’ll get a 7.25 USD discount per month, and you just need to pay for Lifeline service for only 17.74 USD per month. You may get an additional discount of up to 25 USD if you live on recognized-federal tribal lands. Stay connected with your family and friends using the 1,000 anytime minutes or 1,000 night & weekend minutes.

The Lifeline discount only applies for either phone or internet, not both. To get this program, you need to apply online and upload your supporting documents. Or you can mail the printed form and supporting documents to AT&T. You can check the details here: The Lifeline Discount and AT&T Wireless Free Government Phone Programs

Cell Phone For Seniors

AT&T customers can get the most benefit from its unlimited mobile to mobile features. You’re able to call anyone across the country free of charge. Plus, the calls don’t deduct any minutes on your cell phone plans.

AT&T cell phone plans for seniors

Each senior has different preferences on the cell phone. Some seniors may look for a basic cell phone for texting and calling. However, some seniors enjoy the digital world and want to use data. Currently, AT&T doesn’t offer a specific cell phone for seniors. But, some AT&T phones are senior-friendly. They have some features that make them suitable for senior’s needs. AT&T also offers discounts on phone purchases.

If you’re also looking for a senior-friendly cell phone, here are some of the options offered by AT&T:


AT&T offers Alcatel Smartflip for seniors with a 4G network. It has a 2.8-inch internal display with a large keypad and navigation buttons. Being hearing aid compatible it prevents any feedback or buzzing. It features a 2MP camera, voice activation integrated with Google Assistant, and a music player.

Samsung Galaxy S10e

If you’re a senior, or you have a senior looking for a smartphone that’s equipped with larger icons and text, you can choose the Samsung Galaxy S10e. Its interface is easy to use and is a beginner-friendly smartphone. The button on the 5.8-inch touchscreen is very responsive.

AT&T LG B470 Flip Phone

Featuring enhanced audio mode for seniors, the AT&T LG B470 Flip Phone is perfect for seniors who have hearing difficulties. It also has essential basic features, including a bright screen, 1.3 MP camera, and a 2.2-inch main display. You can see notifications like caller ID and the time on the external display. It also features a dedicated text-to-speech key.


AT&T offers several great options for seniors both in terms of plans and cell phones. Generally, cell phone plans are loaded with extra features that most seniors may not use or need. AT&T has cell phone plans that are not specifically designed for seniors but can be a good option for the older generation. AT&T allows seniors the flexibility to choose the plans that they really need.

For seniors who prefer texting and calling and only have a basic phone, the AT&T Senior Nation Plan is a perfect choice. You can get the plan for 29.99 USD per month per line that includes 200 minutes of any time talk. There are an additional 500 night and weekend minutes and unlimited talk to talk for AT&T mobile users.

If you’re looking for an AT&T cell phone plans for seniors with a data plan, you can choose the AT&T Unlimited 55+. However, this plan is only available for Florida residents. You can still get the best plans for seniors, including AARP member discount on AT&T Unlimited Elite™ wireless plan. Or you can get a family plan for 35 USD per month for one line on AT&T Unlimited Starter if you take 4 lines in the family. The company also offers discounted plans for AT&T Lifeline if you participate in one of several federal assistance programs.

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